Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Simon the Cat
A ''Class Act''

---If you don’t know who Simon is…all I can say is that you don’t spend a lot of time at the Farm.  Simon is the Siamese cat that you will find lurking around the Farm Area ‘unofficially’ keeping his paw on the pulse of what’s REALLY happening at the hospital. He is the one who feels that anyone with a lap may possibly be his next ‘’friend.’’
---It is difficult to find a cat with a nicer demeanor than Simon. I’m sure that we have all had many experiences involving cats. We have actually owned a cat of our own or a cat has at onetime or other…been present while we have done something.

---Cats can be fiercely independent. You soon learn that the cat will run the show his way the less he may find the food you offer him…enticing. He may find something/anything more interesting at a moment’s notice…and be gone. (He may or may not leave many hair’s in his wake…depending on his breed.)

---The formula that Simon seems to use that I have experienced directly and/or observed from afar is that he finds a lap that appeals to him at a particular time, jumps up to it molds himself to it and begins licking. You are on Simon’s clock at this point. You must always be aware of the fact that Simon may go upon his way at any time. As he goes along, EVENTUALLY, as is his way…I can’t help but to think of the many people that have been ‘’touched’’ by this cat over the years and how much ‘’good’’ that he’s done. He may be just a cat to some…but, I think he is a CLASS ACT...all the way.
This is the article that appeared in the INSIDER a few years ago. 
---Simon died the other day. A very sad day for many. ''I'm going to miss you, Simon! RIP.''

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