Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, January 18, 2019


Saving the World in Twenty Minutes

I think all of us are hitting rock bottom in this whole affair—
I mean the bullying of Mother Nature, of course.
It was even on TV as I recall. You can’t fool
Mother Nature, but, of course, that didn’t stop us.
Nature has no rewards or punishments, just consequences.
What’s going on now is causing many of us to become very serious.
It’s difficult to be as frivolous as we once were.
These times don’t call for it.

I still maintain that being kinder to each other
and kind to the earth itself will turn it around completely.
Don’t deprive anyone of kindness.
We all need it. We really don’t know what others have gone through.
I know I said in 20 minutes,
but eight letters will do: k-i-n-d-n-e-s-s.

Paul Hendrickson

Saturday, December 29, 2018





    ---We think we made a viable case for NOT being DEPRIVED of the necessities of life – being valued, being appreciated, cared for, loved, etc. We know that people do far better in life when they get these needs met. When they are deprived of these fundamental human needs they end up being DEPRAVED (negative) in some way. We assume the physiological needs of food, clothing and shelter are being taken care of.

---When people feel depraved and negative inside, they try to change that feeling. They deal with this situation by involving themselves in something that serves to ease the distress that they are feeling. The only thing that makes a difference and will make things right is something that creates the love and appreciation, being valued, etc., that is needed. Only these things will serve to make the pain the long run. If he/she hits on things that are needed, than a positive boost will be experienced. If he/she heads toward things that increases self-acceptance...than those things will keep him/her on track.

---If what is done runs away from facing the self then the negatives will be experienced. The negatives come into play when one runs from facing himself. He is now NOT getting his needs met.  The ADDICTION is being born at this point. It will be stopped when he/she faces him/herself. He will identify the need and he will meet it. We wish to rehabilitate the whole-person and not just the half-hearted, band aid on cancer rehab that we have been seeing. To rehab the whole person, we should increase his/her self-esteem, his/her self worth, etc. We have to help him/her find a good reason to say NO...and NOT become re-addicted. He/she has to be convinced that there is a good enough reason to say, he/she has NO need to run. It seems that people have to realize it is worth staying sober. It is better that they are NOT always under the influence.

---Facing up to the fact that I have one hand was the same thing for me. Believe me...if I could face things I didn't like about myself, you can do it TOO. As I said, ''it isn't necessarily going to be easy, but it is possible.'' And, it is well-worth it.

---However, if an emptiness is there, then we still have a problem. There is something NOT being faced. He or she will feel a hole within that still needs to be filled. As we said, this emptiness can only be filled by the right stuff. The correct stuff that is necessary would be whatever makes him/her fulfilled for a long period. It's important to be honest…otherwise the emptiness is still there and needs to be filled. For me it was my left-hand, but for someone else it, probably, is something else. What I did realize is that we all seem to have a negative attitude about something about ourselves that we are NOT cool with. Acceptance in this area would NOT be a bad thing and would open the door for getting the needs met.


 ---When we are DEPRIVED of things that we need…that’s when the heartaches begin. We spend much of our time trying to do what is necessary to get these needs met. The more DEPRIVED we are is reflected in how DEPRAVED (NEGATIVE) we are feeling and acting. What I needed existed on the other side of the door. It became the Door of HONESTY. When I told others how I felt about my hand, etc., that is when I began filling in the emptiness about my own situation. I stopped DEPRIVING myself with this newly found honesty about the things that were real in my life and how I really felt. I began to accept myself allowing myself to experience many, more of the good things of life. To be loved, cared for, appreciated, valued, etc. As I said, if I can do it, you can do it.

---Anytime one is not being honest about himself and NOT learning to accept him or herself will still leave him/herself wanting and unfulfilled (DEPRIVED and EMPTY.) He/she will find that he will be making decisions that attempt to create situations that will try to get those needs met in order to feel fulfilled.

---SMART REHABILITATION happens when the patient   embodies the understanding that those experiences that he or she is feeling - valued, appreciated, loved, cared for, etc...are real. He or she is convinced that these NOW exist for him or her as they never did before. Things are different now. They are very real and this is now the way it is.  A complete 180 degree turn is NOT uncommon, eventually.

---SMART REHABILITATION works on helping the patient learn new techniques to feel more valued and appreciated. The patient is taught ways to make better decisions. The patient is encouraged to stand on his own. He or she is given new tools that help to bring clarity to his vision and see things clearly to be able to better negotiate his way through life. He is now assured enough so he/she can rely on him/herself to get what he/she needs. He now has the kind of tools to live a very satisfying non-addicted life. The sky really is the limit. Any limits have always been imposed by him or herself. Mediocrity is always a choice if that’s what is wanted. BUT, now It is NO LONGER something you’re required to settle for. Be Well.



---This a draft. I reserve the right to make changes as I see fitting.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018



''A Christmas Carol''



---I’m sure that we are all familiar with this story by Charles Dickens. We have the penny pinching Ebenezer Scrooge having very little spirit or love in his heart. He thinks that debtors prison is a good enough place for those who can’t payback loans. He sees death as a way to deal with the surplus population. He is really concerned having less people on the surface (of the Earth) to deal with.

---The night is Christmas Eve. He is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, who was once his business partner. Marley warns Scrooge of his miserly ways and how he will regret them in the afterlife. He, also, speaks of three ghosts who will visit Scrooge this night.

---The three ghosts visit named Christmas past, present and future. They take him through periods of his life. It is revealed how Scrooge's miserliness took shape and strengthened overtime. BUT…lo and behold he saw the pain and suffering that he caused over the years, also. This was increasingly painful for him to endure watching.

---He has a change of heart. Scrooge learns a very valuable life-lesson through all this. He realizes that mending his ways and being more other-oriented Is far more the way to be. He changes from his penny pinching demeanor to loving others and sharing his wealth. He has now opened his heart and you can see the joy and happiness abound. Though this story is quite well known, it is worth another reading or viewing by those so inclined. Be Well.




---I’d like to share a theme that I see very often. It is the idea of going from selfish to selfless. I think that you have encountered this many times before…though it may NOT have been recognized.

---The famous book - Silas Marner has it. Old Silas was a miser who’d bury his money until LOVE came into his life in the form of a baby to care for left at his door. A Christmas Carol has the old miser Scrooge penny-pinching his way through life until he sees the error in that lifestyle.

---A baby going through the ‘’terrible two’s’’ encounters much the same. Actually, all rites-of-passage are for this - developing and transitioning into the next phase. If he goes through it properly and develops normally his life will be one of caring and sharing. If NOT a smooth journey than one may get ‘’stuck’’ and find it downright difficult to share. He doesn’t transition from the ‘’me’’ vs. ‘’you’’ to an ‘’us’’ space, easily. He gets stuck in getting his me space satisfied. He is still very self-oriented.

---The downside of this is that he never feels satisfied and never knows when he has had enough. The ‘’ideal’’ would be… ‘’me’’ vs. ‘’you’’ smoothly becoming an ‘’us’’ space. If this doesn’t happen, he is always trying to justify himself as a me. Unfortunately, one is a prime candidate for addiction - trying in vain to fill this emptiness by whatever seems to work. It is usually a ‘’feel good’’ distractor making false promises ’’to fill the void, but never does.’’ Ideally, folks go from me, me, me to us, us, us. When LOVE + KINDNESS of some sort comes into it, the transition occurs. When this doesn’t happen is when we continue the heartaches (the same-old, same-old.) .


Saturday, November 24, 2018



---There is much material here.