Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Letting Things That Bother You Be Your Motivation!

Letting Things That Bother You
Be Your Motivation

---It's seems simple if you look at it. List all of the comments folks have made about you...that bother you in life. Take a good look at the list and being truthful in your exactly why you are/were bothered by the comment. If we find ourselves reacting to something, there is a good chance that it contains some element of truth...somewhere.

---We can see patterns emerge and find out much about ourselves through this process. If we are very thorough in our self-investigation, there is a good chance we can reveal our primary motivations. We can see why we are the way we are and do the things we do. If we remain honest in this...much about ourselves becomes pretty obvious.

---Take a good look at the source, also. If it is a boss, sibling, friend, enemy, pastor, student, etc. It may make a difference. But...give them the benefit of the doubt. It is very important to note: you are NOT going to do ANYTHING to the person who made the comment. It is the comment that holds a truth about you AND because...after-all you are the one who reacted to it. In essence, you owe a debt of gratitude to the source. In the final analysis...he/she probably helped reveal part of yourself you were unaware of. In reality, that is pretty good.

---Your next step would follow by, actually, seeing if what is/was said applies in any way. If you're truthful, again - through this, the most important part of this is – if there is something that you do that needs fixing, FIX IT. Sounds simple enough. Try it, you may like it. You confront nobody...just be honest with yourself. Take Care.