Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Occupy Laguna Honda or

---We may ask ourselves the question – how does the ‘’Occupy’’ movement affect those of us who already occupy the walls and halls of Laguna Honda? I see it this way.

---The ‘’occupy’’ movement itself seems concerned with ‘’equality’’ for all…and NOT having only the top money makers doing well at the expense of 99% of us. Much more of a ‘’we are ALL in this together’’…while breaking down those things that separate us – money vs. humanity.

---We will concede that the amount of money is controlled by those who built and run the hospital…BUT, they do NOT lay claim to ALL the brainpower that is necessary to relate the 99% to the 1%. We are all in this together - has come home to roost where I and a few others knows it rightfully belongs. It is with ALL of us…NOT just SOME of us.

---I see the sharing of the wealth coming in a way of NOT being caught in worrying over the distribution of monies…but distribution of the decisions being made. My personal gripe would be in the realm of ‘’why is so-and-so deciding such-and-such when the decision or decisions being made affect me much more than they are affecting themselves [except in their pocketbook?]’’

---Finding your own home, within, is where I think our happiness lies, so I can NOT waver on the idea that I think that to ‘’occupy’’ the self is the better movement. But, the Occupy Wall Street movement is certainly a step in the right direction. We still need to TWEAK a lot, but it is getting there. Be Well.


Occupying the SELF

---A natural offshoot of the Occupy movement seems to eventually be that we learn to occupy the self. Through the occupy movement as it now stands, we see a movement toward the occupiers themselves becoming more aware of their own needs and preferences. Each citizen is discovering who he is…and THAT is very valuable.

---Though there will be some who only scratch the surface of who they really are…and STOP! There will be others who will glimpse what is contained within. They will find the greatness that is in there…and be changed by it all. They will realize that they have stumbled upon their true home and as quick as you know…they will move in.

---They will recognize that all is contained within and it is preferable to stay there. You are able to negotiate a way to bring your home with you wherever you go. You can live your life from an optimal spot and real living has transformed itself as being your life. CONGRATULATIONS!