Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NURSE CONNIE - Nursing Assistant


---She is someone I mentioned in my meeting with Administration. She is my consistent care nurse. I am going to
let the cat out of the bag and tell you people why this relationship works so well.

---I will begin by letting you know that Connie has a significant other in her life. She nor I have a problem of a sexual nature in our relationship. Neither of us has our sights on the other. The relationship is built on mutual respect, understanding and affection. I only write the above to clear up any misconceptions that may come up.

---Connie is well aware of my routine. This has developed overtime that she and I have been working together. She and I
don't have a lot of things in common, but she is aware that I do better in a hassle-free environment. She keeps things as therapeutic as she can. She doesn't overly burden me with the woes from her own life, but she is well aware of my interest in we do have some good discussions on that subject.

---One thing in particular that Connie does that makes this relationship work so well. Connie's work ethic and philosophy.
She goes by the idea that ''there is no time like the present to follow requests.'' those times she is occupied, she looks at the clock and quickly calculates when she will be free to help. Then she follows though. If she says 6 pm it will be 6 pm. Her follow through is next to flawless.

---At first, she said it wasn't like this. She used to move from one to another to another...very slowly. She was trying way too hard to do the best job that was possible. She then learned to WORK SMARTER and NOT HARDER. She found her own pace and worked at what was the thing that she discovered was at the heart of it all. She realized her job was mainly this...make and keep the residents/patients happy in a therapeutic environment. When she concentrated on that, it all began to fall into place. She found that a happier place tended to be more therapeutic, anyway.

---Now, she, basically, works at just respecting the resident. She doesn't worry about getting respect. She read somewhere that if you give respect, it is naturally returned. Work is more fun than it used to be. She found that she does her part and her higher ups can easily rely on her to pull her weight. I am very glad that she is my nursing assistant. Be Well.

This is a draft and may go through some changes. Names have been disguised to protect the innocent.