Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion: Kristin Neff at TEDxC...

---This talk should corroborate much of what you have heard before. It definitely promotes healing.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Healing Planet Earth!

What’s This ABOUT

Healing Planet



---The question comes from the fact that I stated that SINCE TERRY BECKER was healed through the application of SLOW MEDICINE (''God's Hotel'' by Dr. Victoria Sweet*) - Doesn’t Planet Earth fall into that same category? The answer is still YES!

---BUT…I, also, said that basically our ‘’job’’ is to let it happen. We can watch it ALL happen if we want…but, there is a good chance that we will want to participate. Well - there is something beyond just being passive and watching…that we can do.

---We must realize that we are part of the healing process when we do positive things…ALSO. If we get healthier (or MORE WELL) in the process it is being on purpose with the general healing. WE ARE DOING OUR PART!

 ---Stop being negative about everything. Realize that the more honest and positive we can be…ADDS to the outcome. Let our priority be cheering each other on and up and NOT just saving face and worrying about how we look. Take babysteps until we are familiar with ALL this. Find your own pace. Make it a fun and an enjoyable ride for one another and I guarantee we will have fun…also. Be Well.

* The Life-Force or viriditas does the healing as it did on Terry Becker.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dr. Sweet (God's Hotel) Recommended Him:


---I remember talking to Dr. Sweet - in the old building - about the amount of content that YouTube seems to have. She said she thought I would enjoy TAYLOR MALI and his material. Give a listen. You may enjoy him, also. I think he is astounding!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Terry Becker AND Planet Earth:

---We must now realize that Terry Becker is much the same as Planet earth. BUT…why do we say this? We must realize that the same SLOW MEDICINE that healed Terry Becker will also work on healing Planet Earth. The only ‘’job’’ that we have in the process is…to ALLOW it to happen. We must put Planet Earth in the same condition of WELLNESS as Dr. Sweet placed Terry Becker and watch. Remember: a cut or a wound will heal if we let it.

---We have heard it put very eloquently by Dr. Victoria Sweet. The near fatal bedsore of Terry Becker was healed when NOT interfered with by anyone/anything. It took some time, but in an increasing manner the sore of Terry Becker healed.

---Terry has MUCH in common with our own - Planet Earth. It is also in need of a healing. And…the viriditas, the life-force, the god-force, etc., and so on…is right there ready, willing and able to do the same job that it did on Terry Becker - if we let it (and DON’T INTERFERE.)

---If we apply this SLOW MEDICINE to Planet Earth AND allow it to do it’s thing…a healing will take place. Once again…we have to let it. We must exercise patience and re-learn many things that promotes this condition. It can be seen as delicate as a pregnant woman giving birth to a ‘’newly-healed-self.’’ The recipe is right there…we just have to eliminate what does NOT promote healing. Take Care.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.
---We are ALL in this together. We must realize we have a common destiny and take care of the environment as it has taken care of us for so long. We have ALL gone through some kind of shift that makes us realize that we are on a team that rehabs the players and the field that we are playing on...if we act accordingly. As with the idea of will accomplish this if we let it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 The Value of FUN

---Having fun is very important when it comes to being healthy. A good attitude is very important to our wellbeing, and here is the kicker…NO matter what condition we find ourselves. How we see life…has much to do with the way we handle whatever it may be that we happen to be saddled with.

---This recipe depends much on how we envision ourselves. If we take everything personally and find we are serious most of the time…we are probably uptight and restrict our own freedoms in someway. We are not spontaneous much of the time and feel like we are in check by someone or something. Or, it could be the other side of the coin where we need to control the way others act. We don’t allow them to be very spontaneous.

---Taking things in stride is a must for good health. If we find we DON’T get bent out of shape over everything, we probably do better in the blood pressure department. Keeping stress to a minimum works to our benefit. Remember that we usually get angry when life doesn’t turn out like we think it should. Relaxing on that whole process is a good thing.

---Doing things we enjoy is a big key to happiness. You only have so many waking hours each day…why not fill them with things that you like. Remember that a good attitude always feeds in positively to your health. Upgrade your happiness if necessary. If you find that the only fun you have is at someone’s expense…maybe work on that. The benefits to yourself and others will be appreciated and you will improve your health in the process. Have Fun.