Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


---There are over 8 biliion people on the planet…now. The numbers are rising with virtually NO end in sight. This is very alarming in itself. But, what boils my bobcat is that we seem to take our cues from one another and see our one another’s expense.

---We compete + compare ourselves with each other to see how we’re doing. If someone seems to be having a tougher time than we are…we see that as some kind of sign that we are doing okay. When another seems to be doing better we can’t wait to tear him down to size. We don’t seem to live and let live very well. This is NOT a recipe for happiness.

---When was the last time we were TRULY glad over someone’s success? It was probably not that long ago. But, it doesn’t usually take TOO long when we are finding fault with that same individual. We end up resenting any further success he may have. We are all good at being armchair quarterbacks for the rest of us. (This applies to me, also.)

---We ALL seem to be expert on living each other’s life. We praise when it serves our purpose and criticize unmercifully to show off our astuteness, power or whatever.

---I see as a solution to ALL this is to become an ‘’armchair quarterback’’ to ourselves. See ourselves with the same eyes that we use on others. Take our own advice. Take the advice you would give to 5 folks close to you…and turn it on yourself. See your own game through those same critical eyes that you freely share behind the backs of those closest to you.

---Be good to yourself in this process. This may be NEW to you. Honestly…any pain you encounter is short-lived compared to the freedom you eventually experience. It literally is getting that ‘’monkey off your back’’ for good. You will no longer be snarky + sarcastic and NOW work for the common good. You will genuinely be happy at another’s success. You may realize that you have become a team player who actually benefit’s + likes the success of another. You have rejoined the land of the living in some sense. Use it wisely. This is much more a recipe for happiness. Be Well.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

PERSPECTIVES - (let's take a step backwards)

(Watch Awhile)
---The next time that we're having a hissy fit over something that we think is really important...maybe we should step back a bit.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


---Here is a Holiday Message that I made a few years ago.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans: Daniel Amen at TEDxOr...

Dr. Daniel Amen - ''Brainwash Cafe''
---Dr. Daniel Amen does another sensational TEDtalk. I find these kinds of talks very interesting.
If you are finding yourself wanting to hear more from Dr. Amen...go to website -''Brainwash Cafe''

Friday, December 13, 2013


Why LIFE Doesn’t Work

---The reason life doesn’t work as it seems it should…is so obvious that I have missed it for years. People are usually self-interested and still have the EGO mixed into the growth process. Other interested is in SECOND PLACE. Those who seem ‘’other-oriented’’ are many times doing it for incorrect reasons and are trying to find their niche in this society. Both ways need some tweaking in my way of seeing things.

---THE REAL problem is not whether one is self-concerned or other-oriented. I THINK THAT ‘’ONE SHOULD BE DOING THE THINGS HE IS GEARED TO DO THAT WILL HAVE HIM REACH HIS OWN POTENTIAL. THESE WILL…IN TURN, HAVE A POSITIVE AFFECT ON ALL.’’ He or she would be better suited to do those things that are an honest expression of who he or she is. That helps others in their own quest. BUT...That takes a great deal of knowing who oneself is.

---We then see that a life of knowing oneself is extremely important. It is very important to be honest about every little thing that one does. A growth pattern in this is usually where one goes from doing an autopsy of sorts on everything he does to growing to a ‘’natural spontaneity’’ of self-expression.

---Ideally…we can easily say that one does EVERYTHING because of love, but, when scrutinized a bit more closely… one may see where it is time to peal the onion and/or weed the garden, again…to be a little more honest. All that has been said, here…is geared to each individual reaching the highest and truest of himself and of ALL life.

Knowing That - ''it is okay to be who you are, usually, gives folks the strength to take the next step (in life.)''