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Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Dr. Victoria Sweet (VS), 
Dr. Grace Dammann (GD)
Hildegard of Bingen (HB)…
A Cut or Wound
A Life Lesson


---We saw the documentary film - ‘’States of Grace,’’ after the 150 year anniversary of LHH celebration. There were some city dignitaries present and a full day of different events. This is my ‘take away’ from the event. Admittedly…these ingredients have been with me for awhile, but they hadn’t gelled as they did earlier this morning.

---In her book, ‘God’s Hotel,‘ Dr. Victoria Sweet told us about Hildegard of Bingen. She introduced the viriditas, which I had been well aware of, but by different names. The God Force, the Chi, The Divine, etc. She speaks of a Terry Becker, (not real name,) who healed when everything that opposes the healing were removed. It is much the same reason that a cut or wound heals if allowed. That is the way that our universe is set up.

---Dr. Grace was in a horrific car accident. She spent 48 days in a coma and had 13 operations to make her functional enough to get around in a power wheelchair, like myself, and other changes she has learned to live with to resume some sort of normal life for her. After enduring all she has endured, she is doing much better than expected. She was literally at death’s door, but is now doing, for all intents and purposes, quite well! She spends much of her time doing those things she loves to do (helping others) and this pays huge dividends in the feeling good department.

---The ‘Life Lesson,’ that I speak of is this. The viriditas is much the same as it always has been since time began. HB just noticed its’ existence. So did many others in many ways over the years. That is the reason that things heal if you let them. You make sure that all parts of the bone are in the right order…and they heal the way you set them. That is the reason that one who puts things in order must know what he is doing. If set correctly or not, things will heal as you set (allow) them.

---There is, also, an order to thought that produces clarity. I refer to this when I speak of The PANE CLINIC (aware of spelling difference.) This, also, affects the way we HEAL MENTALLY or PSYCHOLOGICALLY. We clear up the errors in thought that interfere with a healing from taking place. For example: we can’t expect a person to be thinking well...if he, himself, carries the idea that he is unworthy of human contact. You can easily see how this vision would interfere with a good solid vision of mankind. If a being carries any strong ideas that are negative to life, these ideas are very able to get in the way of having a good, solid, stable vision. 

---Seeing the film, it is very obvious that Dr. Grace has a bigger than many support team. She has many people on her side. The size of the team was something that she has cultivated over many years. She is a very warm person who is nice to know. It still is quality over quantity NO matter how one crunches the numbers. We are each others support team. How we relate in most circumstances will reflect those who stand beside you when the chips are down. The Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule will weigh heavily in this.

---When the necessary structure that is (GD,) were in the right order, they healed as we see her today. From a cut, a wound, a broken bone, to a shattered self, to Planet Earth…the healing power (viriditas) is at work. This is the way our universe is set up. This is way it works!

This is a DRAFT (Subject to Change!)

I have yet to get the complete documentary. There are many copyright issues behind it.

Both...Dr. Grace Dammann and Dr. Victoria Sweet have been my doctor.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dr. Grace Dammann - My Former Doctor

Dr. Grace Dammann

---We saw the film about the head on collision that Dr. Grace had in May, 2008. She had been my doctor at the time. It was a very strange time and was touch and go for a while not knowing if she would actually survive. The film was a documentary with Q+A and photo-op afterwards.

---The above interview was a very uplifting piece after seeing her long recovery in the documentary. I’ll bet that over time the experience will bring forth even more fruit. We get to see more of her lighter side above. I will try to post the documentary.

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