Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015


---If I was officially working for a company as an undercover agent…and my job was to file a report about what would be a huge benefit to the residents of the Hospital I live. This applies to every nursing home setting.

---The first priority of the hospital should be the resident happiness and doing as well as he can. It doesn’t and won’t trickle to the resident as it is somehow thought. If you think that it works that way than you have a rude awakening. Resident well-being + happiness should be what everybody is striving towards. This should really be the concern of all staff (within the realms of possibility) and the ADL’s should be accomplished throughout.

---The residents ALL have needs + preferences. The needs are basically taken care of by the hospital…itself. The food, clothing and shelter are provided by the hospital. I know that some residents have trouble with these, but they should speak with those in charge of each department…AND work on getting satisfaction that way.

---The residents, also, have preferences. I feel a lot could be done here. To me these can make or break the relationship between the resident and his immediate staff. Preferences can be the nuts + bolts of it all. The way a patient is met on the preference level can have much to do with his overall progress. If the resident has a ‘’good’’ relationship with his immediate care partner and he has NONE of the glaring loose ends that leave him in an almost constant state of tension, upheaval and flux…with peace being an elusive entity, his general mood easily accepts the healing and doesn’t thwart his getting well. Any disruptions that occur are at a bare minimum if they occur at all. His relationships with everyone deemed as his team is good and beneficial to his happiness and well-being. He easily participates in the wellness.

---This article was first published in Jan., 2014.