Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Doctor speaks of monitoring
blood levels
by cell phone
---I saw something very interesting on channel five news the other morning. It is the show that has Charlie Rose. You may have seen it. A doctor was on that I had seen many times, but NEVER caught his name. The gist of what he was saying was that your blood levels and thus how much medicine is present in your system, could be monitored. AND...your cell phone does the monitoring.

---He went on to say how this would revolutionize the industry. One could keep a much closer watch on the levels of each medication and where he is in terms of the therapeutic level in each case. He could then take the correct dose in every case...thus eliminating taking what is NOT necessary and virtually never be over-medicated again.

---This kind of info has the potential of so many positives for the consumer. They spoke of diabetes, controlllng blood pressure, psychotropic meds (mental health meds,) and many more.

---Having been in the mental health field...I am aware that many people were given lithium carbonate for manic depression. The drug seemed to keep the symptoms of manic depression at bay for years. The downside of the situation is that the kidney is usually negatively impacted for the whole time the patient is on the lithium. The kidney can be weakened until it needs serious attention. With the idea that the lithium could be doled out in the correct amounts instead of (as human nature tends to be) erring on the side of keeping the symptoms low...the kidney may be preserved and not receive the amounts that cause the damage. A much more regulated amount is administered.

---This is all new technology and has bugs to be worked out. But, it does seems that some things are being addressed that were in the distant future...perplexing and inaccessible at one time. Be Well.

Monday, June 9, 2014


---We have all seen a maze in our lives. They usually begin at a certain point AND through possible twists and turns...comes to the goal (home base) of the whole thing. The twists and turns can be doors or walls (choices we make) leading us to our goal...or, to a dead end. In the world of human behavior each behavior leads us to a wall or door...where we turn around or continue. (A distinction between maze + labyrinth is made...but, it doesn't change what I've written.)

---To Enjoy Life...we have said that WE (as individuals) must ''BE HEARD'' and ''BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.'' As residents of LHH (and Planet Earth)...I see this as very important. (I think that much hinges on this.) I think that many of us have never been recognized for who we are and hence never had the opportunity to advance very much beyond a fundamental level.

---If this is done than I think that through the process of BEING HEARD and BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY...many folks will begin again (or maybe for the first time) that journey of self-discovery and positive growth. People will be appreciated for who they are and feel understood and accepted in the process. As an aside to all this...people will, also, make better and more solid decisions and hence add this to their more effective lifestyles. If people are NOT HEARD nor TAKEN SERIOUSLY...than NOT very much will happen.

Grace Cathedral
San Francisco

---If folks feel they are HEARD + TAKEN SERIOUSLY then they will advance along these lines and realize that there is more quality in their lives and the idea of WELLNESS will make more sense. This all happens due to the fact that in the process that we have spoken about...the EGO becomes less and less of a factor and what is real + natural has taken its place. Positive growth has taken over and one now realizes that it is okay to be ''who you are.'' To be untruthful + unfaithful to that fact no longer rules the roost and interferes with any positive progress one is making. The viriditas (life-force) flows where it was impeded at one point.

{I was asked by a staff person at research a labyrinth. These are my findings along with my own thought-processes. I found that the Rev. Lauren Artress in the video is part of the veriditas center (a different spelling than Dr. Sweet uses in ''God's Hotel.'' They both credit Hildegard of Bingen for creating the word.) I hope that my research is what you are looking for at LHH. Going from DARKNESS to ENLIGHTMENT is the road of healing. What I have written goes for the clients of Lauren Artress, also.}

Thursday, June 5, 2014


---Here is a word that is I think is felt a lot. It is one of those words that makes us uncomfortable. We are usually angry at the person who makes us feel this way. ‘’I’m sorry that my request has inconvenienced you in some or any way.’’
---In a perfect world where everyone was happy to do things and help one another, basically, all the time…and knew each others time-table...this word may NOT exist. If we looked at everyone else as an opportunity to hone our service skills…we wouldn’t have much of a problem. Truthfully, I don't think that we are coming from that place.

---We find that we don't get as annoyed with each other when we care about the other. We tend to do more for someone we like/love. When we feel appreciated in the process of naturally doing for that can be like icing on the cake. Sometimes it can be an authority figure who takes notice and appreciates what we do. It can make us feel like we are on top of the world.

---What do we do when we find someone who seems to be living a life of inconvenience and is frustrated much or a good portion of the time? Frustration and inconvenience are usually a sign of doing something or dealing with someone/something that you’d rather not be dealing with. Or, it could be a scheduling situation. If that is what you are feeling from someone…you should look at what he/she does for you and the attitude that you bring to the table. If it is you that is feeling inconvenienced by someone…look at your own needs and preferences. Could a better schedule be set up where what you do is more in line with what is happening.

---The saving grace of the whole thing can be acceptance. Real ACCEPTANCE. Change those situations that you want to be different in your life…to make your life more acceptable to you. Or learn to ACCEPT those things you can change…to make things better. Or, to make the situation work better maybe by tweaking the situation a bit to be more accommodating to all parties.

---When one is through with the blaming everyone and their mother for the situation they are in…it is time to TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. We decide that it is time to make some changes.

---We want to do this as PAINLESSLY and INTELLIGENTLY as possible - for ourselves and others. In the long run YOU WILL BE VERY GLAD YOU DID.

---Be HONEST! If changes need to be made don’t be afraid of that. If your attitude, behavior and value system needs changing and upgrading…that’s okay. If you’re hanging on to some unreal perfectionism that you are chastising others for…take a hard look at that and be sure that you aren’t being unreasonable. In the interest of ‘getting-things-done’ …we seem to have forgotten the GOLDEN RULE!