Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Always Ask, Never Assume!!
---His request approved, this CNN News photographer quickly used a cell phone to charter a flight at a local airport. He was told that a twin engine plane would be waiting for him.

---Arriving at the airfield, he saw a plane warming up outside of a hanger. He jumped in with his bag, slammed the door shut, and shouted, ‘’let’s go.’’

---The pilot taxied out, swung the plane into the wind and took off. Once in the air, the photographer instructed the pilot, ‘’Fly over the valley and make low passes so I can take pictures of the fire on the hillsides.’’

---’’Why?’’ asked the pilot.

---’’I’m a photographer for CNN and I need to get some close up shots.’’

---The pilot was strangely silent for a moment. He finally stammered, ‘’So what you’re telling me is…you are NOT my flight instructor?’’

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013


The ''I Hate BOB,'' Story

---‘’I hate Bob.‘’ When we say that we hate someone…what (and who) is it that we are talking about? I would like to take a closer look at this. When we say this…I’d like to say that we are NOT accurate.

---’’I hate Bob.’’ Am I saying that I hate Bob OR, am I saying that I hate the way Bob acts. I hate the way Bob behaves. I may hate Bob’s attitude. I may hate Bob’s value system. But…when push comes to shove - I probably do NOT hate Bob.

---Actually, do I even know Bob, behind the ways he presents himself? I would say probably NOT. I would have to say that Bob is the being, the blank slate, that has these different values, attitudes and behaviors that I pin to him. I call this husk ‘’Bob’’ if you will.

---The funny thing about this is that Bob is different, dependent upon who you ask. Bob’s mother sees him different than his dad. His worst enemy sees him much different than his best friend. I asked his girl friend. I asked his preacher. Everyone I ask has a little different interpretation than each other…AND myself. Sometimes it gets so far out that I have to remind myself that it is the Bob that I know.

---If we look at the values, attitudes and behaviors by themselves we see that they are like coats we put on and take off. We see that ALL of us are pretty much ‘’naked’’ dressed in different values, attitudes and behaviors that make up the personality of this thing we call Bob, Jim, Mary and Karin. And sometimes - Paul.

---Any good psychologist will tell you that we are like an ONION that peels away one layer at a time. Eventually, usually after much peeling…we get to the heart of the matter.

---Bob is peeling, as we both are…as we ALL are. Actually, Bob has some pretty neat attitudes and behaviors that I find ‘’fun’’ and ‘’enjoyable’’ when we talk about computers. He has a way of putting the coats on and interpreting them that happens to educate and entertain me. Hanging with him all-of-the-time would be a little much. But, as a ‘’dressed husk’’ in small doses…we laugh a lot. Take Care.
WELLNESS can be the Value, Attitude and Behavior. It can easily be the motivation of ALL three.


Thursday, September 12, 2013



---We have the real reason why WELLNESS can breed unhappiness. It is simply this: The person does NOT allow the healing to happen. He is (many times) getting in the way by still ‘’scratching’’ the poison ivy infection and wondering why the infection isn’t cured. The person has to endure the ‘’unhappy’’ times of NOT scratching the itch. (Withdrawal)

---It really comes down to ones experience of love and the amount of conditions that it has on it. If a person feels empty inside he may try to fill it with something that has a ‘’good feeling’’ associated with it, but truly only masks the emptiness that one feels. One tries to use this product as a substitute for feeling loved and appreciated in an unconditional way…but it NEVER does the trick. All it does is leave the individual addicted to trying to recreate the ‘’good feeling’’ he had - realizing that even the good feeling only shows up occasionally…and that is if he is lucky.

---Wellness will work and healing happens when allowed. What will NEVER work is the addiction to the substitute or commitment to the product one has been using…instead of filling-up with love and things of the heart which were missing in the first place. When one is loving…he will be loved and he will feel it. Until that happens, he may involve himself in many different ways that promises to work once you get the formula down for using it. It WILL NOT WORK IN THE LONGRUN and leads one down a path of sheer dissappointment. Addictions, etc., are only a short-run fix. Love and things of the heart are in this for the longrun and are EVERLASTING.

---When addiction is worked-out + allowed to heal and the ‘’happy’’ phoenix is then able to fly…we have a glorious day indeed. But, be kind to yourself by knowing this – we have many crutches and dependencies, many needs and preferences that have insinuated themselves into our lives. Stay true to the path and find the lifestyle that emerges from all this. Make it more your routine than the old more destructive lifestyle. Watch the benefits that come from a life well-lived. The word satisfaction will make sense. can be a big part of your everyday routine, because it is allowed to blossom - all because you decided to take stock in things. REMEMBER that it is still one day at a time, but now they are quality days. That makes all the difference. Be Well.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013



HAPPINESS (necessarily)

---Wellness does not necessarily mean that you have everything that you may want. We have to look at this more closely. As an example...we will use smoking. In the 1950's...society was encouraged to smoke. We were told that anything negative that come from smoking was just that – negligible. We were told that 4 out of 5 doctors – smoked. It was all over TV and movies, restaurants and buses, etc. Anywhere people were...smoking was!
---Over the years society has wised-up. Not everyone at the same rate, but, after many years of wreaking havoc on many things – we realize that we all have to cut back on our desire systems...and that is for the very survival of our planet and ourselves. We learned that many things that we thought were making us happy had dire consequences and made us sick in the process. The side-effects that all things carry NOW wants to be dealt with. And, it is not allowing us to pass it on by passing the problem to someone else. It is taking root in our own backyards.

 ---Suddenly, we have become conscious of what the payback is to the kinds of things that we do. We have to weigh the happiness and wellness factors against each other. We see how important the choices we make are to promote what we want to see and be. We find that if we are concerned strictly with wellness we may have to relegate ourselves to NOT doing some or many of the things that we used to do that (we thought) made us happy. We can NO longer trade-off our health (planetary + individual) for many of the things that had promises of happiness. We, also, can't do well at the expense of another. If that is what you do you'll find that someone close to you will have objections to that...if NOT the person him/herself – someday soon. People will get pissed-off enough and say something where at onetime you were allowed more ''error space'' and got away with negative behavior more easily.

---We must find a lifestyle that we can live with...that has wellness and happiness built into it. NOT a trade-off situation where it is either ''happy'' OR ''wellness.'' We choose a lifestyle that what makes us HAPPY and is also GOOD FOR US. In my estimation, one isn't really well unless he is happy, also. I'm speaking of a sustained happy and NOT just fleeting moments of happy...every now and then. Your style of living allows for a well-rounded and healthy dose of well-being...all-or-most-of-the-time. Be Well.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Principle 8 Heard In Hill Hearing

By Chris Perna  on August 30, 2013

Principle Eight of The Eden Alternative basically says that decision-making authority should be in the hands of Elders or those closest to them. We know this results in the best person-directed care for the Elders.

Testimony at a recent public hearing held by the Congressional Commission on Long-Term Care supports our view. Experts testified about the importance of direct-care workers in providing quality care and the critical role that they play on interdisciplinary care teams because they are closest to the Elders.

While this revelation isn’t new to us, I’m glad that the people who set public policy and make regulations are hearing about reality. Let’s hope they take it into account as they make recommendations that could shape the future of long term care.
(Decision-Making is a very important part of the autonomy of the Elder no matter what position he may find himself.)