Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, June 5, 2014


---Here is a word that is I think is felt a lot. It is one of those words that makes us uncomfortable. We are usually angry at the person who makes us feel this way. ‘’I’m sorry that my request has inconvenienced you in some or any way.’’
---In a perfect world where everyone was happy to do things and help one another, basically, all the time…and knew each others time-table...this word may NOT exist. If we looked at everyone else as an opportunity to hone our service skills…we wouldn’t have much of a problem. Truthfully, I don't think that we are coming from that place.

---We find that we don't get as annoyed with each other when we care about the other. We tend to do more for someone we like/love. When we feel appreciated in the process of naturally doing for that can be like icing on the cake. Sometimes it can be an authority figure who takes notice and appreciates what we do. It can make us feel like we are on top of the world.

---What do we do when we find someone who seems to be living a life of inconvenience and is frustrated much or a good portion of the time? Frustration and inconvenience are usually a sign of doing something or dealing with someone/something that you’d rather not be dealing with. Or, it could be a scheduling situation. If that is what you are feeling from someone…you should look at what he/she does for you and the attitude that you bring to the table. If it is you that is feeling inconvenienced by someone…look at your own needs and preferences. Could a better schedule be set up where what you do is more in line with what is happening.

---The saving grace of the whole thing can be acceptance. Real ACCEPTANCE. Change those situations that you want to be different in your life…to make your life more acceptable to you. Or learn to ACCEPT those things you can change…to make things better. Or, to make the situation work better maybe by tweaking the situation a bit to be more accommodating to all parties.

---When one is through with the blaming everyone and their mother for the situation they are in…it is time to TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. We decide that it is time to make some changes.

---We want to do this as PAINLESSLY and INTELLIGENTLY as possible - for ourselves and others. In the long run YOU WILL BE VERY GLAD YOU DID.

---Be HONEST! If changes need to be made don’t be afraid of that. If your attitude, behavior and value system needs changing and upgrading…that’s okay. If you’re hanging on to some unreal perfectionism that you are chastising others for…take a hard look at that and be sure that you aren’t being unreasonable. In the interest of ‘getting-things-done’ …we seem to have forgotten the GOLDEN RULE!

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