Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Sunday, July 27, 2014


‘’When The State Comes Marchin’ In’’

(I had the opportunity to share much of this with Mivic H., today 7/30)
---When the auditors from the State of California come to Laguna Honda…they are here to basically check on how well the facility as a whole (the staff) is caring for the resident. They have a list of questions that they ask the residents (the patients are called residents) to find this out. When the State talked to the residents this years things were more subdued than they have been at other times.

---The State Surveyors seem to be looking for situations and names (people they can sternly speak with) rather than spending time on concepts and generalities that one may find me focusing on.

---At the meeting…the statement was made - ‘’the staff becomes a whole lot nicer when the State is here. It is like day-and-night.’’ Well…that seems to be true.

---The State comes to LHH to check on business as usual WHILE everyone on the staff is suddenly at-the-top-of-his-game. ATTENTION IS PAID. The environment is much, more therapeutic than it is at other times. (One must remember that I am a long-term resident…so, I don’t doubt that my view is a bit slanted.)

---My wish isn’t much different than it is at other times. I wish that the powers that be would open-up a dialog of concerned patients and staffers and create a situation (for all intents and purposes) that resembles Laguna Honda when the State is here. That would seem a good place to start. What has happened and is still happening - the powers that be PROJECT what things must be like for the patient. They ASSUME that this point-of-view is the only and best pov that exists. If people were ALWAYS on-top-of-their-game…there would be NO PROBLEM. But...that is NOT always the case. (Everyone has the ability. This has been proven.) Be Well.

(I reserve the right to make necessary changes in the article)

Some are always on-top (of their game.) But, others only when the situation calls for it. It seems that if the auditors were always present it would be a different scenario. 

My pov sees that there are some very sick folks at LHH...and NOT attended to correctly, can negatively impact the situation. Some workers would be happier doing something else.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The PURPOSE of a DOCTOR. etc.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Colorado's 'Golden Girl' comes home for rehab

---Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is a 41 year old woman and happy to be alive. She was involved in a vehicle accident which severed her spine. In her past, Amy was the winner of six Gold Medals. She says that that was a challenge to face at that time. Her approach to her new life in a wheelchair is another challenge…and very inspirational.


Sunday, July 13, 2014


Benefits of Positive Self-Expression

---There are many different ways to express yourself...positively. One way is to share some of what is inside with someone else. This is a good way to affect the system in a positive manner.

---Most resident’s at Laguna Honda have a frustration just from dealing with health issues. Unfortunately, we reinforce NOT expressing that frustration instead of teaching the resident how to deal with that frustration. He learns many things that DON’T express the frustration and, has to deal with things that create more frustration. Suddenly, he has more frustration than he started with.
---A side note to this: This was much the case when I originally wrote this piece. LHH is adopting new opportunities that are creative and have the potential of being very self-expressive for the resident/patient. I hope that this direction is explored more and continues. I am much, more personally encouraged. I hope that persistence in this area is embraced and it is seen how valuable this avenue is...even if met with trepidation (especially at first) by the residents themselves.

---We must learn that it’s okay to have the frustration and manage it, instead of NOT having it and running from it. Many, if not most of us, don’t feel what we’re  feeling. We try to go someplace else, and distract ourselves from feeling bad. We would get through our frustrations and grow at a faster pace if we weren’t so hell-bent on avoiding certain feelings…especially the more painful ones. Let’s at least acknowledge how we feel. Talking it over, does just that. Feeling acceptable + accepting (by NOT resisting) what is obvious and inevitable in the dilemma, works wonders.


---They say, ‘’our toughness comes from our ability to face our embarrassments and pains.’’ And, ‘’the best way around something is to go through it.’’

---We are less defensive and don’t blame others as much when we face uncomfortable things. We accept our own responsibility in situations. Remember, it is more difficult thinking about facing something, than to actually face it. Facing how we feel about things is how we grow.

---We accept our own responsibility in situations. We find ourselves thinking for ourselves and are that much closer to finding and speaking with our own voice. We do everything with greater conviction. We have changed the negative of feeling badly into our new ‘’tougher’’ self by the process of self-expression. A ''REAL'' CONFIDENCE increase. Take Care.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's the FIGHT in the DOG!

A quote for the next time there is a cause worth fighting for.