Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Quality of Life-Performance Improvement Team


(Performance Improvement Team)

---What we have been doing as of late is presenting data we have been collecting concerning the benefits of going outdoors. We have been trying to convince the leadership forum about these benefits. Our approach is to convince those who make the nursing assistant assignments to consciously include ‘’going outdoors’’ as part of the Care Plan for each resident (if possible.) We think that doing this is very therapeutic in accord with the studies…and, that many residents have requested this, anyway.

---The NEGATIVE SIDE: My feeling is that it has to be scheduled into the nursing assistant’s time…or it will NOT get done. I feel that a weeding of the garden may be necessary to be sure that the nursing assistant is not spending time doing other things that cause going outdoors to be anymore than a big hassle. The benefits will be downgraded if this activity becomes nothing but a problem. Something as therapeutic as this can easily be a ''headache'' to be avoided at ALL costs...if only added to the nursing assistant's already tight schedule.

---POSITIVES: This activity also causes communication that has the possibilities of expanding relationships and benefitting residents/patients beyond only ward/neighborhood activity. A reason to go outside is always welcome. Personally, I think a ‘’free throw’’ shooting contest at our basketball half-court. Having worthwhile prizes could work as an incentive for the shooters and a fun activity to watch for the patients. We could have the free throw shooter represent a neighborhood and the prize could be a pizza party for the winner’s neighborhood.

---Please let someone know if you have/hear of any good ideas that may be fitting.


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