Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



---I see it this way. We beef up the Staff-Resident Communication. All Residents, now, go to their IDT. They participate in their own Care Plan.
---At IDT, the Resident comes away with 4 or 5 needs and preferences that he has come to terms with Care Team about. They are his goals or situations he will work on.
---His immediate Providers are aware of needs and preferences, and will work with Resident on acheiving his goals. This is Residents participation in own Care Plan, and ALL working with him. They are ALL on same page.
---Provider is anyone working with Resident on goals. They are usually part of or directed by the IDT. For example, CNA is well aware of Residents Needs and Preferences, and agrees to work toward acheiving goals, through willingness and ability to do this. This should be very recovery oriented.
---Resident Centered Care is the working on the N's and P's of Resident to relieve stresses, etc. Don't forget that the N's and P's have been ''GENERATED,'' in IDT. Should ALL be geared to gains in positivity of Resident, and dovettail into his happiness.
Caregiver Is ''Willing and Able'' To Fulfill ''Needs and Preferences'' Of The Resident.


Vision Change -
(A Resident P.O.V.)
--We have stated the problem to be one of the Resident relating to Staff. We feel that it is necessary to improve along these lines. We want to make the picture that is presented, match the one that actually exists.
---The nature of the beast is that the Residents are the Patients, and are here to be cared for by the Staff. The maladies that the Resident/Patient has, dictates this. It qualifies the Patient to take up Residency. The Staff have decided to work here. It is their job.
----When the Staff sees their job, as more of a vocation and are here because they want to be, they seem to be more Assistive. Their are others who don't seem to care as much.
---I see the difference and the distance between the two, to be summed up in the word - involvement. Their are staff self-involved (Work for paycheck to pay rent, etc.), and staff other-involved. (Vocational). Their is nothing wrong with either, their is nothing wrong with both. People usually fall between both extremes. If both sides ''pull-their-weight,'' it doesn't work, too badly.
---I think a Staff-Vision upgrade is necessary. This begins with how the ''work'' situation is seen. We have to begin, there.
---To upgrade, here, we have to increase the staff involvement - with the Resident/Patient. Both elements carry out the assignments given them. We are trying to implement the understanding that the situation at hand is an US situation, and NOT a Me vs. Them, situation.
---A trick to employ - would you want a family member to endure your treatments? Could you watch your Mom or Dad, be treated and have the same complaints you are hearing? Would you do what you are doing to your infirmed child?
---Put yourself, a parent or a child on the other end of the complaints you are hearing. Would you do anything different?
NO Matter HOW You Look At It,
We Are ALL In This Together.

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