Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Counseling -
Why Folks DON’T Tell The Truth…

---I was thinking back to the days when I used to counsel. I don’t think I’m telling any tales (out-of-school) when I say that is when I first realized that folks DO NOT want to look bad.

---Folks would be fine telling a narrative of life that made friends and family look despicable. And, even if they, themselves, were the villain in the first go around of the story…it would eventually change enough to improve (the look of) their own role in the scenario. Depending on how serious they are about ‘’this counseling thing‘’…they would eventually avoid confessing anything about themselves that would show themselves in a negative light. Their friends/family were fair game…but, NOT THEMSELVES.

---They were setting the stage so as to NOT to look bad in the story. One realizes that it can be very difficult to expose ones vulnerabilities. At first, (according to their OWN viewpoint) it is invariably EVERYONE ELSES FAULT that they are in whatever situation they are found to be in. Saving Face is the first order of business…as they see it. Even if they tell you that it is all their fault.

---Taking personal responsibility for ourselves is not one of the easy things that we do…BUT, IT IS NECESSARY. And…IT IS A PROCESS TO LEARN + EMBODY. We much, more easily want anyone else to be on that chopping block…than ourselves. Think back in your own life and realize that there have been times that you made yourself look better at another’s expense. We have ALL done it I’ll bet. Maybe it is time, NOW, to forgive ourselves along these lines and to take back our personal power. We will find ourselves to be more well in the long run when we take responsibility for ourselves and tell the truth. Good luck with ALL of this. Be Well.

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