Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Sunday, November 30, 2014


’Residentology 101’’

Dilemma and/or Dynamic

---I’m talking about being a resident…ANYWHERE. It could be a resident in a house, a street, a city, county, state, country or planet Earth…itself. We ALL have the same thing in common. It is the dilemma we as a people, we as a person - HAVE IN COMMON. It is this dynamic...


---If this happens properly, then the being in question can  ‘’move on’’ to his next step. If this doesn’t happen the way it should - ‘’That’s When The HEARTACHES Begin.’’

 ---The bad times begin or continue, because we will spend ALL of our time trying to be heard and/or being taken seriously. The ‘’enjoying living’’ part has yet to kick-in. Ultimately it is YOU that has to be satisfied + convinced that you are heard and being taken seriously. But, here is why other folks are so important in the scenario -


It really doesn’t work any other way.

---This really is self-acceptance. Once this dynamic is in place the amount of worry and grief that one has goes down immensely. Learning how to listen is a great + necessary skill.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014




---Recently…it has been asked of me what do I mean by communication? This was my answer. It is when the two sides have reached a unity of sorts on the subject they are speaking. The two have dealt with the walls that separate both factions and are now more together.

---Usually, we find folks so far apart that a different language may as well be spoken by each. Or, they can be of one mind - connected with very little (or zero) separation. Communication falls within these endpoints.

---The less interference and clearer the signal allows for a clear transmission and receiving of the information. When the information, itself, is copacetic between the two factions…we are ‘in like Flint.’

---The more open-minded we are finds us able to receive the transmission more clearly. The more narrow-minded we are usually means that we will less be able to consider the transmission made to us.

---The more honest that we are finds us to be more able to honestly communicate without trying to manipulate the other with some agenda that we may have. Most folks don’t communicate on that level of honesty. Many times others will try to get you to side with them trying to convince you that they, themselves, are correct. It is rare to find someone who is not selling a point-of-view or something that makes himself be right. Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware. In this case…if you deal with honesty, a lot, it is easier to see when someone is just trying to sell you a bill of goods or being honest. The more honest and intelligent the TLC involved…the more open the lines of communication. Be Well.

[In the Kurt Vonnegut story (below) we see that if the Trafalmagorian was able to simply communicate that the house was on fire…it would have produced a much different outcome.]

Friday, November 21, 2014


The Planet Trafalmador -
''Communication Failure''
by Kurt Vonnegut
''Breakfast of Champions''


---Trafalmador is a distant planet. They are a peaceful lot who communicate by tap dancing and barking. They have heard of the problems that we have on Earth and feel they have answers to these.

---They sent a Tralfamadorian down to Earth in a flying saucer to help. He landed on a golf course. When he arrived he found the golf pro's house to be on fire. He lived right off the course and it happened to be at night. The pro was asleep inside.

---The Trafalmadorian saw the plight of the situation and went to awaken the golf pro. He rushed into the house and found the golf pro asleep. He wanted to tell him what was going on, so, he awakened the golf pro by tap dancing and barking by his bed. The golf pro got up and killed the Trafalmadorian with a five-iron BEFORE he realized that the house was on fire.

---Ladies + Gentlemen: this has got to be the most tragic case of failure to communicate that I have ever heard.

---By Kilgore Trout
---CENSOR: Paul H.


''Whew! That example was 'ORIGINALLY' way over-the-top!''

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



  1. New patient meets with Care Team, Care Partners, etc.
  2. New patient is assessed by Care Team and most therapeutic approach is decided upon by ALL players.
  3. Using the patients cognitive abilities, needs and preference...the patients first few days are mapped out by the Care Team.
  4. He is assigned a ''Go-To'' person who has very good working knowledge of the facility, itself, and the kinds of things the new patient will encounter in this new (to him) facility... especially – right away. The ''Go-To'' person is responsible to help give the new patient the sea legs needed to stand on his own (figuratively.) The ''Go-To'' person is the new patients contact person (at first) with/to the new facility (LHH.) The communication should always be as current as possible. The ''Go-To'' person is the liaison for the patient.

    1. The patient will be spending much of his time with Nursing Asst. or PCA. He/she is responsible for day-to-day unit life involving ADL's of patient. His daytime Care Partner should know the patient (and facility) well enough to help acclimate patient to his new surroundings. He helps make suggestions as to the kinds of things that may interest the new patient.
    2. The Activities Department provides different creative ways that the new patient can express himself. Everything is geared for the patient to spend his time having the best experience and most therapeutic time possible. It is about getting well and being independent enough to eventually rejoin society on an affective level.
    3. The patient has been schooled (formally or informally,) here, in a way that upgrades his decision-making skills to be more able to negotiate a lifestyle and maintaining it outside the facility (for a long period.)

Sunday, November 9, 2014



---I was asked to make the concept of symbiotic very simple.

In case you don't know, symbiotic – where the staff depends on the resident as much as the resident depends on the staff. To go a step further...the patient needs the staff to lead as normal a life (for him) as possible. The opposite is true for the staff. His job depends on the patient.
---The goal of the Nursing Home is for the patient to reach the highest and truest of himself. The patient should thrive + prosper according to his abilities, needs and preferences. The job of the staff is to make that happen...for the patient. Be Well.

Friday, November 7, 2014

MEANING of LIFE - Sequel (picwise)

''I wonder if they have CATs in space?''