Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, October 5, 2007

We ALL Need Someone We Can ''LEAN'' On -

Venting To My
(Pictured: Just Kidding)

---We ALL seem to need someone that we can talk to. Someone who listens to us as we get things ''off of our chest.'' He can be a friend, a professional person, a relative or anyone who has a good ear and hears what we're saying. He may be someone that helps us put things into words if we are having trouble with that, ourselves.
---Have you ever noticed that some people are better to talk to than others? Some understand you better. Some are better at listening and know what you seem to need to hear. They ''get'' where you are coming from and you actually enjoy your time together, ''unburdening'' yourself. This usually happens when we don't feel that we are being ''judged'' by the other person. In fact, the more accepted we feel, the more ''open'' we usually find ourselves.
---As they say, you shouldn't keep your ''music'' inside. In fact, it may not be ''music'' until someone hears it. You may feel a bit exposed, but if someone lets you know it is ''okay,'' than suddenly it is ''alright,'' [especially if you hold him in much respect.] You feel good. All of a sudden you have some kind of positive relationship. Remember, ALL relationships have three components-1] The way you ''see'' it, 2] The way he or she ''sees'' it, and 3] What you two agree upon.
---The only reason I say the above is that I know how good it feels to get your frustrations out. I used to do this for a living and I, myself, have been through many sessions. I have seen myself and others feel better in the process. I used to think that what bothered me was so different, but you soon learn there is little you can say that hasn't been heard or said before, in some form or other. People tend to have the ''same'' emotions, just over ''different'' things. We are also clearing out our insides for something ''new,'' which takes care of some of that ''boredom.''
---One of the Neuropsychologists and myself [I had a stroke] have a session every Friday. It is an opportunity to ''get it out.'' Over time, I see that this relationship has ''grown,'' and I look forward to seeing him. As with any new relationship, we had to get to know one another, but now I feel comfortable in telling him just about anything. He has become a friend. It is taught in the 12 step programs that you are only as ''sick as what you keep secret,'' so having someone to talk to, is a valueable commodity.
---I urge everyone to find someone to talk to. There are many professional and non-professional people, here. Don't let things get to the breaking point before you do something. It is like a radiator valve that you learn to turn on slowly and when necessary, to let off some ''steam.'' As I said earlier, there is not much you can say that has NOT been heard before. Having another to talk to keeps the frustrations down and manageable. It keeps you current and present.
---ALL of the ''good-stuff'' is inside, but you may have to weed the garden, first. Give ''it'' a try, and see if it doesn't reap benefits, eventually. Give it some time. There are many people here willing and trained to talk, if you want to. There are psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, chaplains, volunteers, etc. Out of that bunch, there must be someone you can talk to. Be Well.

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