Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, October 5, 2007

Float Situation - Pt. 2

The ''Float'' Situation
Part 2

---The situation I speak of is the Resident and immediate (usually very intimate and fundamental) caregiver, the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). This has all the earmarks and potential for one of the most important relationships that either have ever been in, or could just be ''two ships that pass in the night.'' Or, the situation (relationship) could fall somewhere in the middle.
---There seems to be different camps on this situation. There seem to be those Residents who prefer certain CNA's and those who go with whomever comes down the pike. There is also the CNA to consider. There are some who prefer certain residents and those who don't care as much. We cannot assume that every Resident and CNA is the same and each is interchangeable. We know from the evidence of the present circumstance, that this is not the case.
---How do we make beneficial and necessary changes when they need to be done? We must look at the ''factors'' that are the essential factors in the Resident - CNA relationship, and those that are not. Since it is the easiest, and because it is the most obvious, we will start with what the relationship is NOT.
---The CNA - Resident is not spousal. The CNA is NOT the
husband or wife of the Resident, or vice - versa. If an aspect of this exists, than the relationship is not purely a Helper - Helpee relationship. We have to know our boundary lines, and what we are doing.
---I think there are Residents who don't really know what [exactly and actually] the CNA does and really don't know what can be expected in the CNA - Resident relationship. I have seen a list of the different skills the CNA is able to provide, but, at present, some don't apply. All I really know or knew is that I had a stroke, and these CNA people will help. I have since learned that many of my own needs were not covered by that list, and to have the ''PERFECT'' relationship with a CNA, their ''Life experience'' and their ''Efficiency level'' enters into ''it'' constantly. A good match for me doesn't necessarily mean that ''the best CNA in the world,'' has to be found. But, I presently do better with a bit of structure or sameness.
The Rules Of Any Relationship:
1. The Way YOU See It.
2. The Way HE/SHE/THEY See It.
3. What The TWO Sides, Agree Upon.

---I should be my own best CNA as I, myself, am the only one who can second - guess ME, on a continual basis. Well, we know this is NOT possible, as there are certain things I can not do for myself.
---It seems then a Helper is needed. My duty is to identify my ''needs'' and ''preferences'' and have a relationship with a CNA who is ''willing'' and ''able'' to deal with them. A good match seems to be one that ''works'' and the relationship that ''most'' naturally fulfills this criteria.
---A solution to this whole dilemma would be to ''cluster'' Residents together whose Needs and Preferences ''match'' the Willingness and Ability of the CNA's who agree to carry them out. The CNA who prefers a ''Float - type'' situation are placed with Residents who don't care as much. To him, one CNA situation seems to fit as well as another. Be Well.

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