Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Resident-Staff Communication


---The Communication between the Resident and Staff is what I really mean, when I say that the focus should be on the IDT. To me, the IDT situation is where the Rubber meets the Road.
---From my observation, I have seen many cases where the Resident cannot communicate his needs to the staff, and vice-versa. They seem to be on a different page. Sometimes it seems there is a different book. I think the Objectives of each are different. The Resident seems very concerned with the immediacy of his needs, while the staff, per se, are broader in there thinking, and more casual about the situation.
---I think that the word URGENT says a lot. Residents think that there is an urgency, where sometimes there is NOT. BUT, the fact that the Resident thinks this, and hence, the Resident is reacting to this has got to be dismantled, in my estimation.
---The other-side of the coin, is that the Staff thinks that certain situations are more URGENT than the Resident, does. The Staff can even be taken aback by the Resident’s non-challance, in a situation.
---Staff and Residents have different priorities. They think different things are ‘’important.’’ The Staff seems more concerned doing things according to the book – To keep their jobs or because, to them, this is the best way. It may be the way they think it is done, and questioning it doesn’t enter the picture.
---The Resident response is laced with their upbringing, etc. but their time-frame is different. Earlier, I said that the Resident is on the ‘’doing it immediately, schedule,’’ and the Staff is prioritizing, etc. TRYING TO FIT IT ALL IN BEFORE THEY [leave, break, etc.]
---The Staff doesn’t seem to understand why the Resident isn’t ready when they are, and vice-versa. A classic example is when the nurse is ready with the medication, sometimes, the Resident is nowhere to be found. Their availability is much different, in many cases.
---Here we have a brainstorming point:

1. Interests are different
2. Staff and Resident should DO many, more things together. [Clubhouse Model] – Almost a mentoring situation where Staff and Resident share and exchange ideas, etc. [They Talk, Together]
3. People need to feel engaged, included, etc.
4. People have to feel they are part of the team. No matter what part they play, their part is important. [Realize that their part is important-Don’t fake it]

---What may begin by just needing ATTENTION at first, grows into a more comfortable setting where actual SHARING may take place.

---Residents may have much too say and to some it may just be rambling, that is okay. It is a very relative situation. You may NOT want to hear the Aunt Margaret Story. Many staff do NOT know how to disengage from a Resident Rambling. Brainstorm:

1. Resident may not know he is rambling or being repetitive
2. future

----How to deal with Resident Rambling. You have to actually hear what Resident is saying. You could help him be more specific.

This Occurs Very Often:

---Many Residents are trying to squeeze too much information into the time that is allotted them, by the Staff. Resembles Resident Rambling - but isn't. Some end up saying nothing, because somewhere in their past they were thwarted as they made this attempt. It is too painful to even try, now, or they are so out of practice, that they don’t know where to begin.

QUESTION: Out of it, or out of practice with

---Dealing with APATHY [Brainstorm]:

1. Be sure it IS APATHY Could just be out of practice with communicating.
2. Still find likes and dislikes. It may be difficult, but they are usually in there.

Know that some communicate too little, while some are trying to fit it ALL in. The Staff person involved is the time keeper by his/her reaction[s] and response, in the exchange.

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