Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Will I Be Dealing With…

---I was wondering if this was a valid question or not? I know that everyday, folks aren’t necessarily the exact same person. Minds, circumstances and situations do change. In general, people have a baseline demeanor and usually fit within certain parameters, BUT it seems rare to find someone who is always exactly the same.

---We all have a wide range of emotions to choose from. We are happy, sad, playful, angry, miffed, quiet, etc. We, also, have a set of buttons that trigger these responses. That same set of buttons are, usually, for the particular individual in question. AND…he, himself, can choose a different response than is predicted for him - On Any Given Sunday.

---Any human being can pick and choose to respond anyway he wants…anytime he wants. But, many of us are predictable in many ways. We, usually, adhere to a certain set of values that make up most of our attitudes and behaviors. And…though we may be different at anytime…most times we are not. You have heard the term ‘’that is the way he is wired,’’ I’m sure. If everything was random and unpredictable all the time…it sounds very chaotic to me. OUR EMOTIONS PUT RESPONSES INTO CATEGORIES. ''One man's meat is another man's poison''...still works.

---We have many VALUES that control much of what we do. Being sure that our value systems are in line with our true feelings ASSURES us a more consistent stability and allows us to be true to ourselves more easily. It begins with our values and works from there. Be SURE that the ones you choose have a long-and-short term effect that you truly believe and reflect how you truly feel. As GANDHI said, ''be the change you wish to see in the world.'' Peace + Love. Be Well.

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