Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NAKEDness Vid/Text

---I know that to some folks, this video crosses some kind of line that people have inside. I think that many are not used to being NAKED or HONEST...this way. If only the words are listened to, much is being said that I have said ALL along. Personally...I think this is a wonderful video. I think that the message is right on.

---Being yourself is what it is saying. Accepting yourself as you called faults and THE place to begin (and end.) To be a call to be HONEST. It is important that one is honest (naked) with himself. It is really NOT about the wearing or not wearing of clothes. I hope that you can see this. It is about the attitudes, etc., that we wear. I think that if/when society learns that being naked and honesty are synonyms in this way...we will have taken a major step forward!

---Do yourself a favor and pay attention to the message and really hear this video. Don't watch...but, only listen if you find the nudity distracting. The video has a very good message, I think the message is a poignant puzzle piece to the true seeker.

---We see that the more HONEST we are and the more we ACCEPT OURSELVES, the less self-concerned we are. This frees us to be more loving and more able to listen. WE ARE BETTER AT BEING LOVING. When we really 'get' this then we can really smell the roses. Be Well.

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