Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I think resident/patient happiness is important

JCC Meeting
---There was another JCC Meeting today. They mentioned that the staff is beginning a ‘’Wellness Group’’ to address the fact that many staff members are calling in sick or that many are being hurt on the job. The staff hopes to cut down on having that occur. The expression ‘’a happy staff makes for a happy resident.’’

---I’d like to add my two cents into the mix. Is this going to be the piece that is needed. Somehow it is felt that when the staff is happier it will somehow result in a happier resident. I would like to go on record that I would say that this may happen, but if it goes the way of all else - it won’t trickle down.

---I think that the residents will be happy when someone finally hears them and takes them seriously. Fulfilling all their preferences in a TIMELY manner, within reason, will go a long way into resident happiness. Befriending the resident in a way that doesn’t seem phony. Relating to them as human beings that is befitting of the situation. Knowing them as they need to be known. (Many have trouble with authority figures in their life.)

---I’d like to say that this seems to rehash the present presidential difference that we see. The republican plan that caters to the rich which would be the staff in this case – hoping that by increasing their wealth [happiness and freedom from malady] will translate to create jobs that put people back to work stimulating the economy and getting the USA back to where its ENTITLED to be. The democratic plan is slow by comparison but pays some dues along the way where we can get better over time and learn how not to build the stumbling boxes back into this NEW system we are creating. This new system is NOT a replica of the old system that we find breaking down, but a truly new system that incorporates new things that helps both sides – resident/staff to grow equally and together.

---Right now we are much like the rabbit and the turtle. The quick fix minded [republican/staff mindset] lose patience with the slow and steady turtle mindset [who ends up winning the race,] because he is too slow for the rabbits taste. Bill Clinton made this point very clear in his speech. The republicans handover a messed up economy to the democrats and complain that it’s not fixed in two weeks. So we have the rabbits [staff/republicans] come up with many ideas that have ALL the dynamics of the race built right in. The rabbit has terrible follow through because his whole life is about quick fixes and the like.

---It is like losing weight – those who lose it fast will probably gain it all back because there was very little learned and embodied in the process. Those who lose the weight and reeducate themselves along the way have a new intelligent way of approaching the subject. These folks have a chance to keep the weight off.

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