Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Grow The Economy!! - Joe Biden

NOT from the TOP-DOWN,
but from the MIDDLE-OUT

---The point made by Joe Biden at the end of the vice-presidential debate last night was the same point I have been making ad nauseum. Happiness at Laguna Honda WILL NOT necessarily begin and end with the staff being happy. The real caring individuals will understand that the happiness of the hospital depends on the residents being happy and comes from the middle-out. Biden mentions ''leveling the playing field.''

---What will make this hospital more happy is the resident being happy and the affect it will have on the care partners. ''A Happy Staff MAY or MAY NOT Translate or Trickle Down Into A Happy Resident.'' I'm saying that, ''truly happy residents will make the whole idea of being a staffer at LHH so much, more enjoyable and will make for a happier hospital.'' BUT, the residents need to feel that the staff is on their side and not just phoning it in. It may take awhile to get into the good graces of the residents. Proving yourself as trustworthy is a good place to start. BUT, then you will have a very loyal friend in someone who is, probably, more ready for friendship than you are.

---Your point was well taken - Joe! Take turtlle-like babysteps if you need to. Make small, positive changes to see how correct this ALL is

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