Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Make LHH More Creative

Make LHH More Creative,
Playful and Fun!

---I am laboring under the idea that if you increase the creativeness of the individual…you are making him more capable in all aspects. This, by NO means is a new concept. It is one that seems to be growing as we speak, however.

---We see in this that as folks become more creative they are becoming more buoyant at the same time. They feel better about things and the focus is not on themselves and their maladies so much…but on what is being created and the process itself. Better begets better!

---Our job in all of this seems to be one of getting folks interested in something that changes focus for them. Even closer than that would be to get them to realize that creativity is a worthwhile investment and how it impacts your life. It is healthy self-expression.

---If we want some improvement, creativity seems to work. Of course, the more creative the better. We have to be sure their negatives aren’t reinforced as soon as they leave the gate. Be supportive in a healthy way and don’t patronize or be phony with your response to what they do. Know that it is an important thing that they do what they are doing. Remember that it is far better to be expressive and creative than to be all negative about life and living. Encourage don’t discourage. Keep it real and be realistic.  Be Well.

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