Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dr. Curtis and the shoes!

---Dr. Sweet speaks of a doctor who suddenly realized that what kept one of his patients from discharge, was awaiting medicaid approval for a pair of shoes. The doctor figured that three months of waiting for approval was too long and went to a department store and bought shoes for the patient. The patient was now ready for discharge. Dr. Sweet then uses a quote from a speech from a Dr. Peabody in 1929...who said, ‘’the secret of the care of a patient is in caring for the patient.’’
---She goes on to speak of the good, better and best - doctor. (Do not forgot that mine is a patient’s perspective.)
---The three as I see it - the good doctor or staffer would be the staff member who actually listens to what you are saying and attempts to act accordingly. The better staffer is the staff member who hears what you are saying and is more in tune with what to do, but usually finds that his/her job will be in jeopardy if he continues on the path he is on. I say this because a problem usually comes up and somewhere along the line the rules have been interpreted in a way where his or somebody’s butt would be on the line, if it were interpreted differently…and usually in the patients favor. He usually drops your case at this point with sincere wishes that ALL turns out in the patients favor and with his hope that you understand his position. He simply lacks the clout that is necessary to continue. His thinking is more like ''why make waves?'' The unfortunate part of this is that most agree with what you are asking than what they are adhering to. The conventional wisdom (or ignorance) keeps an old and outdated policy and it keeps a more correct way of addressing a situation from happening.
---The best staffer sees and hears clearly what is going down with you. He/she sees that a change is inevitable. He tosses caution to the wind and - like nike - just does it. This usually works out BEST for ALL concerned. It makes things happen.
---The quote by Dr. Peabody really is true, from my perspective. ‘’The secret of the care for a patient is really in the knowing what that individual is saying and directly addressing it.’’ If that was happening on a more constant basis, I think we would see more patients actually rehabbing and be more ready to take that next step. If the staff member uses good judgment and knows what he is doing...he can maneuver obstacles easily. It is the ''unsure'' that cause most cases.

There is a healing power that is conveyed when someone understands you and let’s you know that they get what you are talking about…and, then takes it seriously.

Dr. Curtis and the shoes

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