Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eight Days a Week - The GUMBO BOYZ

---If not held to close scrutiny, THE GUMBO BOYZ...did okay. We played at the On Lok facility last Friday. ''Eight Days A Week'' is the song we use to get warmed up. It was smoother sailing as we went.

---The formation of the GB situation goes to Cho T., (guitar player,) in the middle. We got together to fulfill a need at Laguna Honda and have, now, gone beyond the walls of our own community to share with others at another facility located in the larger community.

---It has been said at LHH - ''What the GUMBO BOYZ may lack in talent, they make up in enthusiasm.'' The people there had many Laguna Honda questions that could be fielded and asked only by older folks in a similar but different setting. Seniors talking and sharing with seniors from different facilities. Sounds like another group setting that would reap benefits.

---We were, also, thanked for bringing a spirit of fun and enjoyment to their Friday afternoon. It is that statement that rates the day a SUCCESS (in capital letters) in my book. A big Thank You, to Cho T., and others, for making this day possible.

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