Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Wednesday, September 28, 2016



---To find your greatness you have to start by accepting yourself JUST AS YOU ARE. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re the worst person imaginable, with so-called faults, flaws and foibles…you must ACCEPT yourself JUST AS YOU ARE. Even if for now we are just saying that…we can get started.

---We have to unlearn all the negative stuff that interferes with our enjoyment of life and living. Things are set up in a way that if a cut or contusion happens it will eventually heal (if NOT messed with in a way that interferes with the healing.) Our own UNLEARNING comes in the way of STOPPING the things that we do that get in the way of the healing. We have to UNLEARN those things we have LEARNED that interfere with our enjoyment (healing.) With the example of cuts, scrapes, bruises or contusions we have to learn not to repeat or UNLEARN the process that caused the cut (or whatever trauma it might be) in the first place. With ALL that being done…WE HEAL and experience all the joys that go along with it.

---This is the nature of the layer that we live in everyday. It is the same layer that can cover (mask) all the good stuff. The layer is the stuff we are use to. Most things happen here, (the good and bad,) because we relate to things from this angle. The greatness within has been blocked by this layer of ‘normal living,‘ that we do. We are blocked from these wonderful things through our negative response(s) to usual things. Over the years, these wonderful things have been called many things. Some of its’ names have been your Buddha Nature, the Christ Within, the Kingdom Within, taking your own responsibility, Your Beatific Self, the Divine, Krishna consciousness, the Chi, the Viriditas, the God, the Force, the LOVE. It really is a way of seeing things in a more alive manner. Things are not as dull and lifeless, anymore. The sparkle is now there all due to the fact that YOU have changed within.


---We don’t have a direct connection with these things, because we have learned so many ways to keep ourselves removed from THEM. As soon as we’re born, we learn ways to deal with a life that makes these wonderful things the ideal and our usual existence a step down from this realm. Many spend much time in this layer…justifying it, etc., and in the process keep the illusion going. Unfortunately…we DO a pretty good job in keeping ourselves from the good stuff. We have even counterfeited it and call it by names that are really reserved for the good stuff. The REAL GOOD STUFF! Most of what we relate to in our usual life is just a bastardized version of what is really good.


---Being more vulnerable will get you there. Learning NOT to save face will work. Being more honest. Facing your embarrassments will get you there. There are many traps of the EGO that keep one from experiencing how good things can be. There are many naysayers to this approach, but truly if you face just one thing that embarrasses you; EVENTUALLY…probably not right away because old habits tend to be stubborn and stick around, but EVENTUALLY you will see the benefit of seeing and approaching things this way. This will NOT be a quick fix, if that is what you're looking for. When one finds himself in tune with the will see and experience the benefits. How soon it happens will depend on how convinced and committed to its' value one is. But, when one is, it can be a continuous wave that is forever unfolding. Be Well!

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