Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Sunday, September 18, 2016

10 WAYs


1. Say Hi and use people's name. Use a nickname if it will work.

2. Ask someone to teach you something.

3. Compliment someone. Even if you don't like someone too much there must be something you can say.

4. Listen and repeat back a little what they say. It shows you are listening. We are quick to give our opinion instead of just listening to what a person may say. Learn NOT to immediately jump in with your opinion. Just listen.

5. Understand what someone says. Put yourself in their position. Learn to really commiserate. People like it when someone 'gets' them.

6. Sometime a smile puts someone more at ease.

7. Remember their spouses name or hobby that they may have. It makes people feel special.

8. Help people if they need it.

9. Greet people like you are really glad to see them.

10. Make an effort to redirect negative energy to positive.

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