Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, March 22, 2014



---The nurses are renegotiating a contract with the nurses union at present. I would like to add, here, that myself and a certain amount of resident/patients at the hospital are NOT being given an/the opportunity to weigh-in on the subject. There are a certain amount of resident/patients who are aware + alert who feel they should have a say in the matter.

---We are taken care of quite WELL in LHH. BUT…a certain bunch of aware + alert resident/patients at LHH feel they have something of importance to add. We feel that all-the-facts have NOT been presented. We fear…as in years past, that a decision will be made that doesn’t reflect the reality that exists.

---It makes a difference that the quality of the people hired to take care of us…is up to par. We don’t feel that the workers are told in advance how difficult the job can be. We could cite many instances where this is the case. Many resident/patients at LHH have bonded together and made complaints that addresses this very issue and more…. There is more!

---All we ask is that someone with clout in the situation come and discuss the situation. We’ll tell him/her who we think we would like to speak with.

(We hear a lot about teamwork…but, year after year, the resident/patient is NOT included on the team. It seems that his/her input should be an indicator in the mix IF the team concept is to be considered at all. In the past…there was a lot of assuming and little asking. This is still much the case. Statistics DO NOT tell the whole story. The resident/patient is a human being - the same as anyone reading this. We will ALL be in his/her shoes…eventually. Let‘s make decisions that benefit the masses and NOT just a certain few...who haven't spent a lot of time on the frontline.)

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