Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Monday, March 10, 2014


1. Has your favorite TV show ever been interrupted or canceled?

2. Have you ever thought that something would be more fun than it was?

3. Have you ever lost or misplaced your keys? [A Classic]

4. Have you ever been stuck in traffic?

5. Have you ever gotten a different gift than the one you expected?

6. Have you ever waited in a line for a long time and you realize that even though it's your turn soon, now it's almost time for your next appointment, elsewhere?

If YES to any or all, then you have probably experienced FRUSTRATION/STRESS.


---Frustration/Stress is something that I'll bet everyone knows about from a first-hand experience. It seems to be one of those things that we, as humans, deal with much or most of the time. Who hasn't dealt with some sort of frustration/stress? I think it is one of those threads we share as Human Beings, whether on the Staff, a Resident, a King or a Pauper, though there probably are not a lot of Kings who read the ''LHH NEWSLETTER.'' I'll also bet you can relate to some of the questions above.

---I've done a lot of thinking on the subject lately, and I see it is potentially there in ALL situations. You have one ''plan'' while someone (a Nurse, Doctor or anyone else) has another. When they meet there is a ''good'' chance that someone is not going to be satisfied. FRUSTRATION. STRESS. Since both expected their plans to work, someone is going to have to compromise. So, compromising what you expect, seems to play a role in it. This is a part of the ''give'' and ''take'' of everyones life. These are experiences that we learn from, but it isn't always ''fun.'' So, then we see which cards to hold and which to fold.

 ---We set out to go from point A to point B. Something gets in the way-a Roadblock. We can NOT go from A to B, smoothly. Something adds ''frustration/stress'' to the situation. The Roadblock.

 ---If we have a ''good'' relationship with the Roadblock, then the problem is less. If we can't stand the Roadblock, then the frustration/stress is more. It seems to work like this in all our frustrations/stresses - big to small.

 ---For example, you sit down to a hot meal. A to B is to eat the meal while it is hot. Telephone rings-Roadblock. How you deal with the Roadblock in this case is how well you deal with this particular A to B. Your level of frustration/stress will reflect this. If the ''call'' goes well, or not, is seen in how frustrated/stressed you are. If we are frustrated/stressed before the meal even enters the picture, maybe we should look into our past, a bit.

 ---It seems that if we want to be less frustrated/stressed that we should ''improve'' our relationships with the Roadblocks that come up, or maybe some past Roadblocks. If we see the same ones a lot, maybe we should take a good look at the Roadblocks and see what they are trying to tell us. If your friend is calling you way beyond the ''usual,'' I mean, maybe there is some other ''reason'' that they aren't giving. Or, maybe look at our A to B, and be sure we are going with the ''best'' A to B...the ''best'' situation, we can. Be Well.

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