Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Monday, August 5, 2013





---We view Icebergs floating in the water, probably an ocean and very cold. The icebergs collect more ice and becomes more massive the colder the water. The opposite is true as the water becomes warmer. They become smaller.

---We see that each ''iceberg'' is different, having its own shape, size, height, depth, weight, etc. We see that each iceberg can really be distinguished from the other.

---We are like ''Icebergs.'' We have different characteristics. But, each ''iceberg'' is really only WATER. That is the Life Principle. It is the Love Principle,

---We are ALL made of the same stuff…just proportioned, differently. The LOVE ENERGY, the LIFE ENERGY is the water in the ''iceberg.'' This is the Chi, the prana, the ‘’’viriditas’’ that Hildegard of Bingen spoke about. It is The Prime Mover. The ‘’slow-medicine’’ that Dr. Victoria Sweet spoke of in her book ‘’God’s Hotel,’’ (about the old Laguna Honda Hospital where I lived.) The ‘’Life-Force,’’ viriditas or whatever we call it is the same in ALL of us. Some call it the God-Force.


In This Analogy - ''We Are The Icebergs, LIFE (Itself) Is The Water.''

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