Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, August 8, 2013



Another Good Example

---Today was a meeting of the Quality of Life-Performance Improvement Team (PIT). This is slated to improve the quality of life of the residency of which Frank and myself...belong. We have new leadership. I was VERY encouraged.

---Our blind, friend, Frank was in the spotlight, again. This time he had a book-on-tape (2 cassettes) and a borrowed cassette player. But he wasn’t shown what to do. He couldn’t make the whole thing work.

---A nurse that was present was going to help him, but she had to excuse herself for hospital business elsewhere. She has three blind relatives, so she seems to have, probably, been a good one to help.

RESIDENTOLOGY 101 is: To Enjoy Living - We Must Be Heard + Taken Seriously.

---The NEW group leader seemed to ‘’GET’’ the situation that I have been ''spouting'' which NOW seems for a very long time. I found this very encouraging. We, residents, in general...really don’t know how to hook into the system. Per usual, Frank got a lot of ‘’I don’t have time, now’’ from many of his helpers. We, residents, have a lot of unfulfilled preferences. The hospital is good on the medical side of things, but lacks equally on the relationship end.

---The nurse at the meeting would be a good example - as many - on the staff. They would help if they didn’t have something else that they are supposed to be doing. No one seems to have time. The irony of it all is that they don’t have time for Frank (resident), because they have to be elsewhere doing paperwork (or something of importance) to allegedly help somebody else...who is, also,  a resident. They become very inefficient in all this.

---If they started a new policy stating that each moment is a new moment and when in doubt the thing to do is to head to the nearest resident and get to know him or her (and maybe form some type of relationship.) I’m convinced that ALL folks would be much happier and benefit greatly. That includes both residents and staff. Take Care.

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