Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, July 21, 2012

TWO NEGATIVES MAKE A POSITIVE - When Multiplied Together

minus × minustwo negatives make a positive:plus(-3) × (-2) = 6
Two Negatives Make a Positive

---We a have a old mathematical adage that I’m sure that most of us have heard. It is where two negatives that are multiplied together…form a positive. This works in the field of human behavior, also. (Multiplies is essential. A neg. + a neg. yields a neg. PLUS is an adding together. MULTIPLIED gives the necessary bonding or interacting that yields a positive experience.)

---Examples make things easier to see. If we have negative on one-side say of a ‘’lonely.’’ And We have a negative of a ‘’lonely’’ on the other side…all we really have to do is to combine the two lonely’s together to form a positive of NOT-lonely. (They eventually interact...hopefully. Otherwise we have an addition situation)

---A match will NOT necessarily happen by throwing any two people together…immediately. But, over time…humans have a way of bridging the gap unless the two just can’t relate at all. Eventually, we usually find a softening on both sides.

---All we have written comes into play, here. People and circumstances have a way of revealing us to ourselves. A self-knowledge grows and the lonely’s bond or interact in someway and the negatives placed together, now, becomes a positive. If we find the correct match for each lonely he will grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge and will NO longer be a lonely. It MAY take some work and some time…but, where you once had a lonely we find that he has transformed and vanished from the scene as being a lonely. He has, now, become a positive cog in the wheel-of-life. He, now, feels positive at every turn.
I am not sure that somehow an exact formula can come from this. When one deals with human behavior there may exists unknown variables of all sorts. But, I think that in a general way - you get the gist of it.

ADDING lonely folks together will generally yield a bunch of lonely folks.
MULTIPLYING or INTERACTING lonely folks together generally will yield a bonding result that goes against loneliness.

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