Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


.---I spoke and demonstrated my blogs at the Summit...though I am not in the video. Through affiliation with Marie Jobling and the Community Living Campaign we have a few refurbished laptop computers that are available to residents of Laguna Honda Hospital, ONLY. The resident must fit the criteria to qualify. We are trying to establish a connection with the time bank...where one ''buys'' and ''pays'' for a laptop by sharing his/her skill in an area that he is profiscient. Each hour ''served'' brings a resident a unit closer to owning his own computer. There are 24 hours or units of service to buy a laptop at present.

The price we pay for loneliness - CLICK
---The link pertains to our look at loneliness and it being more of a problem than was thought originally. The computer is a great and easy answer to the terrible bouts that many fight with loneliness. Remember that the computer can be your friend or a frightening piece of technology. It really depends on YOU. Get someone to help you make friends with it. It is easier than you might think and well-worth the effort. You may find some kind of answer that is good for you.

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