Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, November 19, 2016




---We all have that little voice inside that encourages or discourages the things that we do. In its’ raw form we are usually discouraged from doing things and told how foolish we are for even considering doing that. Many times we are discouraged and see NO value in pursuing practically anything, because 1] we will probably fail along the way, 2] we are probably undertaking this venture for the wrong reasons or 3] where is it going to get us anyway?

---We can end up doing little of anything, because BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY - NO sense looking silly. If everything was a guaranteed success there would be no problem and we could laud it over the whole world showing how good we are. But, if we fail, we may look foolish in the eyes of the very people we have fooled or think we have fooled. We have our ever so precious reputation to think of so, it is easier to chalk things up to what’s the use? Nothing ventured, Nothing gained…but, nothing lost so, I can get back to my quiet desperation and indignation. I can now sit and enjoy the million and a half excuses I will make concerning why I will NOT pursue this. 

---This is what the inner critic does. Your job is to have an idea of something that you’d like to do or would be a good idea to do AND the inner critic gets the fire wood, the kindling, lights the match and basically has you sit in a paralyzed state listening to hundreds or thousand of reasons and excuses why you should NEVER pursue this. If you allow him to feed this fire over and over…he will probably tell you that moving from this spot is NOT A GOOD IDEA, EITHER!

---Many people had parents that feel that GOOD PARENTING is about criticizing the child into seeing the errors of his way in hopes that he shapes up and acts in a way that the parent is more approving of. Please listen to the talks provided and be free of this negativity. Be Well!

Making friends with Your Inner Critic:

Your Inner Critic is a BIG JERK!

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