Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


---I have been asked to write about the residents/patients for an upcoming history project our CEO is working on. Here is my fourth draft.

The Residents'/Patients'

---My hopes and dreams for the residents' is that their self-worth is realized. I think for some reason many were not encouraged when they should have been and hence are not living the life that is possible for them. Instead of seeing themselves as shining stars they have been living in the shadows never to reach their potential or even to come close. I feel that there is a great need for each resident to be heard and taken seriously, maybe for the first time...for them to begin to enjoy life and living. I, actually, think that this applies to all of us. I think that only then that their lives and hence our lives stand a chance in this ever more dismal landscape that we're seeing. Improve the life of a resident (or anyone in need) today...and really get to know him or her and why he or she has the needs and preferences he or she has. I think that you'll be eternally glad that you did. Remember that it is not up to one individual. it takes a village. We are ALL in this together!  Be Well.

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