Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Three Different Ways
To Respond To A Personal Comment


---There seems to be three basic ways to respond to a comment made to you. They say that the weak have a need to get back at the person who made the comment. He sees revenge as his only recourse. Remember the different famous duels we have had in the past. Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr for example. Saving Face is a huge thing to some people. In my point of seems very detrimental.

---Others take the stronger route and see forgiveness as the way. If someone makes a comment about you, you can always forgive them for they may be having a bad day and really don't know what they do. Even if it seems that they do...they don't. Most tear others down so they, themselves, appear and look better. It is really short-lived at best, but they don't really know any better. Forgiveness is much better than revenge.

---There is, also, another action that people can take. They can IGNORE the comment. They realize how any negative comment about someone else whether directed at them or not
just reflects the way the person who made the comment and how he feels. It is your choice how you respond. The comment is made and your response (whether revenge, forgiveness or ignoring it) is up to you. This can be an opportunity for real learning.

---You can take the approach that we learned from Mark Twain. MIND OVER MATTER. If we don't mind, it doesn't matter. If we do mind to some degree, then we feel we  have to reciprocate in someway. The more evolved we are, the higher the road that we take. We can either become involved in the drama set forth by someone else or not. We can take issue with it OR we can sit with the comment and honestly look at it to see if there is an element of truth in what was said. We can 'bite-the-bullet' so to speak, and learn what is necessary to learn from the comment. There is a good chance that what was said was NOT completely off the mark. Don't get lost in why the comment was made as opposed to why the comment bothered or bothers us so much. There is probably some adjustment we can make that enhances us as a person. Be Well.

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