Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, November 21, 2014


The Planet Trafalmador -
''Communication Failure''
by Kurt Vonnegut
''Breakfast of Champions''


---Trafalmador is a distant planet. They are a peaceful lot who communicate by tap dancing and barking. They have heard of the problems that we have on Earth and feel they have answers to these.

---They sent a Tralfamadorian down to Earth in a flying saucer to help. He landed on a golf course. When he arrived he found the golf pro's house to be on fire. He lived right off the course and it happened to be at night. The pro was asleep inside.

---The Trafalmadorian saw the plight of the situation and went to awaken the golf pro. He rushed into the house and found the golf pro asleep. He wanted to tell him what was going on, so, he awakened the golf pro by tap dancing and barking by his bed. The golf pro got up and killed the Trafalmadorian with a five-iron BEFORE he realized that the house was on fire.

---Ladies + Gentlemen: this has got to be the most tragic case of failure to communicate that I have ever heard.

---By Kilgore Trout
---CENSOR: Paul H.


''Whew! That example was 'ORIGINALLY' way over-the-top!''

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