Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Monday, April 28, 2014


Should You or Should You NOT…


---I have been bouncing around questions like this for a long time. These are only from a resident’s perspective. My ''clout - level'' is zero...don't worry.

---I feel that everyone should do things that they like to do. I think that in this way folks put more care into their work, and the final product reflects the quality. Conversely, if folks don’t really care much for what they do, it is, also, reflected in the final product.

---I think that this particularly holds true when one does nursing type of work. You can easily see when a patient is taken care of by someone who cares for his patients. Conversely, again, one can easily see it in those patients who have a care partner who is removed, aloof and, basically, phones in his care.


1. I think that it is very important that one knows why he feels called to this kind of life of service?

ResidentPerspectiveAnswer: One must know that it is a service and requires much giving on the part of he/she that considers this life.

~The more one knows himself, the better he does.

2. It can be a thankless type of endeavor if you are looking for immediate gratification in your life.

RPA: If you’re looking for an easy way to spend your time, this is NOT it. The rewards are beyond imagination if you understand the rewards of service oriented employment. If it is vocational to you and not just a job…you will fare pretty well. If it is just a job, then you would be better serviced in another line-of-work.

---If you honestly like older folks and feel they have something to offer…you are welcomed with open arms. If you want a friend and someone to help reach their potential with what they are able to do, ''by all means,'' your skills are welcomed, also. If you don’t like old people and resent them in someway…then, maybe you should think of another line-of-work. There is NO shame, just NOT a good fit.

---If you feel that involvement in this type of work would feel right for you, then I would say, ‘’what are you waiting for?’’ If you see this as a bunch of tasks that needs to get done and feel NO engagement with the folks you work for/with is necessary…then, maybe you shouldn’t be here.

---We need workers who get what it is about on the frontlines. We need care partners who are concerned for the wellbeing of the patients involved. This is the top priority. Their own concerns are second-in-line. They are a team for the 8 hours they spend together. The patient depends on you.

One should consider this type of work if one genuinely wants to see his patients thrive.

One should NOT consider this type of work if one just wants a job to make ends meet. One would make many folks happy…and that includes himself, if one looks elsewhere for employment.

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