Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, November 9, 2013


This Video is A MUST SEE

---Here is a state that isn’t spoken of very often…but, has a very attracting quality to young and old, alike. It is the state of amazement that is attained when one is shown something he didn’t know existed or was even possible. But, it is curiousity or FEAR that usually debunks and demystifies it. It is usually ‘’FEAR’’ that is the underlying emotion. Some of us aren’t too cool about NOT ‘’getting’’ it.

 ---I’m speaking of the state of mind that one experiences when shown something NEW he is NOT aware of - but strongly responds to. It’s when the impossible is made possible. In a magic trick it happens often. It usually asks the question ‘’how did he do that?’’ or ‘’how was that done?’’

 ---Similar states of mind occur when one is told a joke where the train of thought suddenly veers somewhere unexpected. One is pleasantly sidetracked from his own logic and taken elsewhere. It can happen easily...but suddenly.  The response is for all intents and purposes - AUTOMATIC. It can be amazement at a piece of magic. The uncontrolled laughter at a joke. The appreciation of an insight or the ‘’insight’’ itself. A Zen Koan is geared to bring an individual to precisely the same place. Everything can stop for a moment. It can become the space between the breath - the VOID.

 ---''Wonderment - CAN BE - Wonderful.''

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