Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Thursday, September 12, 2013



---We have the real reason why WELLNESS can breed unhappiness. It is simply this: The person does NOT allow the healing to happen. He is (many times) getting in the way by still ‘’scratching’’ the poison ivy infection and wondering why the infection isn’t cured. The person has to endure the ‘’unhappy’’ times of NOT scratching the itch. (Withdrawal)

---It really comes down to ones experience of love and the amount of conditions that it has on it. If a person feels empty inside he may try to fill it with something that has a ‘’good feeling’’ associated with it, but truly only masks the emptiness that one feels. One tries to use this product as a substitute for feeling loved and appreciated in an unconditional way…but it NEVER does the trick. All it does is leave the individual addicted to trying to recreate the ‘’good feeling’’ he had - realizing that even the good feeling only shows up occasionally…and that is if he is lucky.

---Wellness will work and healing happens when allowed. What will NEVER work is the addiction to the substitute or commitment to the product one has been using…instead of filling-up with love and things of the heart which were missing in the first place. When one is loving…he will be loved and he will feel it. Until that happens, he may involve himself in many different ways that promises to work once you get the formula down for using it. It WILL NOT WORK IN THE LONGRUN and leads one down a path of sheer dissappointment. Addictions, etc., are only a short-run fix. Love and things of the heart are in this for the longrun and are EVERLASTING.

---When addiction is worked-out + allowed to heal and the ‘’happy’’ phoenix is then able to fly…we have a glorious day indeed. But, be kind to yourself by knowing this – we have many crutches and dependencies, many needs and preferences that have insinuated themselves into our lives. Stay true to the path and find the lifestyle that emerges from all this. Make it more your routine than the old more destructive lifestyle. Watch the benefits that come from a life well-lived. The word satisfaction will make sense. can be a big part of your everyday routine, because it is allowed to blossom - all because you decided to take stock in things. REMEMBER that it is still one day at a time, but now they are quality days. That makes all the difference. Be Well.


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