Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Saturday, July 20, 2013

''RESIDENTOLOGY 101'' - Frank's Dilemma


Frank's Dilemma


---Recently, Frank A., had a dilemma in his life. Frank, in case you don't know him, has a robust Irish brogue and a presence that fills a room. One of the  reasons that Frank is at Laguna Honda is that one day he acquired a fever, and lost his eyesight in the process.
''He's Blind''
---One of the ways that Frank communicates is in  writing notes to his friends. Frank's dilemma was one in that, being totally blind, the writing, itself, was hard to read. He would print in big, block letters trying to be clear, but as soon as the pen left the page, the problems would begin. Being blind, he would put the pen back where he thought it belonged, but it always was NOT in the correct spot. The reader ALWAYS found reading Frank's notes a challenge, at best. Even his children.

---Frank was determined to be heard along these lines. Writing notes and communicating his ideas, were very important to him. Thankfully, Frank was heard...and was hooked up with Occupational Therapy. Gina D., is his therapist. It took a little time, but, the improvement is there. The before-and-after of his writing is, comparatively, like day-and-night. It is so much clearer and easier to read. The squeaky wheel GOT its grease. It was ALL viable. Frank's onetime dilemma, is now a Real Success.  Frank was heard and taken seriously. He can, now, leave that frustration behind. He can, again, communicate with his notes. Frank + the Residents'/Patients' wish to congratulate Occupational Therapy and Gina D., for all their efforts. Thank you. Take Care.
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