Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Sunday, May 6, 2012

FEAR of BEING WRONG! - (text)

---In a case like we have at LHH, we see fear rear its ugly head in the form - thinking against the status quo of things and going against conventional thought and wisdom…has a certain amount of backlash to it. If one is NOT reading the signs and sees that a NEW thinking is needed on an old problem…then one is NOT quite READY to go with the new way of thinking, because, after all, THE OLD WAY IS PAYING THE BILLS.
---There is a risk involved, I will have to admit. But, it does come down to facing a reality that is inevitable. Someday, somehow…yourself or a loved one will need to be taken care of and you will want the best situation that is possible for yourself or this individual. You will then face the reality of how your present day actions & input could or could have benefited the situation that you will inevitably face.
---If you really believe that all is well and find everybody doing their best, and see NO change is necessary, then I will leave you alone to go on your merry way if you choose. If you don’t add your two-cents and it is a vital two-cents that you have, suddenly you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle while not being at all prepared.
---My suggestion would be to continue until you are convinced that a change is needed. Even if you find yourself questioning any of it, at least it shows you have a concern or interest. If you have any question(s) at all, find the truth of the matter and see which side of the issue that you fall. Even if YOU find that it is YOU that needs changing, then just start treating folks better. Nobody needs to do much more.

Be sure that your priorities are straight. When seen is easy to see that many residents were judged by the wrong schema.

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