Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Laguna Honda Hospital Resident

Friday, February 10, 2012


                                  EDEN TRAINING REPORT to
Quality of Life
Performance Improvement Team

---Yesterday, Feb., 9, 2012...Paul K. and myself gave our report on the EDEN TRAINING to the QUALITY of LIFE-PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT TEAM. It went very well. The PIT devoted the whole 90 minute session to Eden. We discussed what it is and how to best translate it to Laguna Honda.
---We ALL seemed to agree that the three plagues were indeed the plagues that the elderly deal with. The proportions of animal, plants, etc., were amounts that need ironing out, but definitely seem viable as antidotes.
---I, myself, mentioned that the line staff treats the residents the way that they, themselves, are treated. When the positive is accentuated and they are NOT told what to do, very often…workers tend to experience a sense of freedom and grow in the relationships. Many have degrees and the knowledge of how to be people, also. That seems to be underplayed, at times. The tendency is to give mixed messages, instead of allowing that to flourish.
---We showed two YouTube video’s and passed out copies of the Ten Principles. Through comments and questions we ALL seemed to agree that the Eden way and Principles is definitely something that we SHOULD think seriously about IMPLEMENTING. Take Care.

Pictured is Dr. Al Power who gave the EDEN TRAINING...NOT the report.

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