Saturday, October 1, 2022



A Resident/Patient

Laguna Honda Hospital +

Rehabilitation Center


A Place That Is Kind To Me,

As I Am Kind To It.

A Place That Appreciates Me,

When I Need To Be Appreciated.

A Place That Treats Me Well Most ALL The Time!

A Place That Teaches Me Creative Ways 

To Deal With My Emotions.

A Place That Helps Me To Express Myself 

In Ways That I Will Best Be Understood.

A Place To Give Me Value

When The World Seems In Short Supply.

A Place That Helps Me To Get My Needs Met

When My Needs Are NOT Always Clear To Me.

A Place That Treats Me Kindly

When The World Shows Me It Is Running Low.

A Place That Is Willing To Hear Me

When I Need To Be Heard.

A Place That Helped Me To Physically Adjust 

When I Had My Strokes.

A Place Willing To Help Me Quiet

After My Heart Attacks.

A Place That Is Very Willing To Work With Me

As I Battle My Anxieties.

A Place That Takes Me Seriously

And Laughs With Me When I Need To Laugh.

It’s A Place That Helps Me To Be A Me

That We ALL Can Seem To Deal With.

Please Don’t Close Laguna Honda Hospital

I Don’t Know If I Will Find A Place

That So Readily Accepts Me As I Am!

Thank You To Those Who Worked

Hands-On During The Heart of The Pandemic...

Putting Our Safety First, Before Your Own.

The Defunding of Laguna Honda AND Closing It

Seems A Very Shortsighted, Sad Response, Throwing In The Towel And Crying ''Uncle,'' WHILE Throwing Out The Baby In The Process

Maybe Another Look At The Grit AND Determination

We Have When We Stand Together and Work Together

Fixing What Needs Fixing

Not Allowing FOOLISHNESS To Run The Show

Realizing That The Pages We Find Ourselves On Aren't Really That Different!

Where Finding A Compromise Is Possible

And Taking A Closer Look At Our Priorities AND Yours,

Tweaking Where Necessary,

Allowing Residents To Express Their Two Cents When Needed

Support NOW Becomes A Doing ''With'' Situation,

Instead of A Doing ''For'' Situation

Whereas He Who Holds The Cards, Also,

Holds The Objective, At Times

It Exposes That Closure Is NOT OUR ONLY OPTION

A Situation Can Be Reached That Brings A Smile From Both Sides

A WIN-WIN Situation, Prevails

A Happier Entity Now Dwells On Each Side.

AND, They ALL Live HASSLE-FREE, Again,

For Awhile!




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